Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kamikaze squirrels

Yes thats right, kamikazes squirrels are living amongst us up here.

I dont know what has gotten into the furry little buggers. I dont know if the changing leaves and abundance of acorns is sending them into a frantic tizzy or if their pea size brains are just failing them as of late.

Who knows but this week has not been good for them.

Four. I have run over four in the last week.

And please believe me when I say I tried my darnedest every time not too. But damned if they aren't just running right at the car.

I hate running over things, I mean obviously not as much as the squirrel but still, it makes me sick to my stomach. Made worse when Dash-1 asks what the bump was. I told him it was an acorn.

I didn't elaborate that there was also a squirrel holding onto the acorn.

Should anymore meet there maker under my wheels I'm going to look into getting squirrels painted onto my drivers door, much like fighter pilots did in WW2. Then they will look and stand back as I drive down the road.

Oh and I'm going to need a stencil of a chipmunk too....


  1. that's for the LOL, i totally needed that. :)

  2. Bwahaha! Please, get a stencil! I would love to see that coming down the street!

  3. That is too funny! We used to have an abundance of squirrels on my college campus. And I swear they were on crack. I used to be terrified they would land on my head while I was walking to class!

    The image of your car with a squirrel on it is too much! Thanks for a good laugh!

  4. I need you to come patrol my neighborhood!

  5. We thought about doing that for my grandmother only with deer instead of squirrels one fall. She must have hit 4 deer in 2 months.

    She got some deer repellent radar type things put on her car after the second one, but after she still hit two more we told her that we thought she put them on backwards and was attracting them instead of repelling them away!

    Gracious that's a rambling comment just to say, LOL!

  6. Thank so much for your kind thoughts during little B's illness it was much appreciated.He's at school today and doing great.

    Poor poor squirrels.

  7. tee hee - love that you tell him it's an acorn. minus the squirrel holding it!!

    i will put out a note to our neighborhood squirrels to watch out for you :)

  8. I had a bout with suicidal rabbits last year. A couple chose suicide-by-dog, and a couple more chose to jump into the pool.
    Loved your explanation about running over the "acorn".
    Don't you hate it when the squirrels change direction right in the middle of the road?! I think it's intentional.

  9. You crack me up - you used the word bugger correctly in a sentence - lol!

  10. My biggest fear when driving is not hurting myself, but hitting an animal. We live in a squirrel infested neighborhood and I drive super slow to prevent hitting them. Although I'm beginning to think that they're like birds- they play a car game with their friends and say to each other "Watch this- I'm going to dip down right in front of this car and fly away before they get me" Um, I guess we shouldn't feel too bad. It could be considered natural selection.

  11. Squirrels are crazy here at Bragg, too. I have hit more than my fair share...


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