Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trend Alert

I'm a real trend setter. Shut up stop laughing bitter betty I am.

I got an email from a certain bra and pantie company, VS, and the subject line read "Trend Alert: Pants..." Obviously there was more but it got chopped off in my inbox.

For once folks I am on the cusp of a trend. I have been wearing pants for YEARS and now they are a trend.

Sweeeeet.... I'm a trend setter.

Feel free to hop on this trend bandwagon folks. If I get anymore important trend alerts I'll pass them on. After all as a trend setter that is my moral obligation.


  1. Maybe its not such a bad idea I have been getting a little cold sitting here at work in my panties

  2. But the way VS makes them is so much better than the regular way pants are made. They make your legs look long and tan like Heidi Klum's. And if you get just the right pair, you might even get that cute accent as well.

  3. I've been wearing pants forever (capris are about as daring as I get), but I guess I've been wearing the wrong ones! Maybe a trip to VS is in order to check out their trend setting hype.

  4. You know, I've heard that about you. That's why I read your blog. I have to keep up with the Mrs. and see what's in fashion.

  5. Maybe they mean you need to get some of those wonderful Lili Pulitzer pants that New Girl posted about. Maybe we are all really behind the times. We're not supposed to be wearing jeans or khakis- we're supposed to be wearing $195 multi-colored eyesores!

  6. oh thank goodness i have you.

    seriously i would be lost without all your trendy advice :)

  7. ha ha...
    you didn't hear? Pants are the new panties :)

  8. heh, that's great! I love pants!


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