Friday, September 12, 2008


I have a few issues to take up with a couple of strangers from yesterday, things I noticed while I was driving home in the tiny village near my house. By tiny, think one traffic light. In the whole village. At all.

Up here we have a crazy idea that cars should stop for pedestrians in the cross walk, I stopped my car and did the little wave with a smile as they looked at me with scowls on their face like I was going to run up on the sidewalk and hit them. I go out walking in the village with my little ones and I hate when people don't stop for me so really I always stop for cross walkers.

My beef you ask? As the two girls are walking one of them stops. STOPS. In the middle of the crosswalk, with cars waiting on either side, to text someone. No one honked, I think the other driver and I were in awe of this. Then the teenager looks up and shoots us both a dirty look and continues to walk across the at a snails pace.

In this situation, couldn't I have just run them over? Wouldn't I have been justified?

The next was involving a dog, the local Catholic church, and a St. Francis statute. Now I don't have a dog so I'm not a hundred percent sure what the etiquette is but if the church has a statute of a saint in the front yard with ton of flowers around it I don't think your supposed to let your dog pee on it.

Even if it is the patron saint of animals. Something just seems a little off about that.


  1. Sounds like a typical teenager trying exert control where she could. Just more evidence that all girls need to be shipped off to an island as teenagers and remain there until they turn 23.

    As a doggie mommy, I naturally will cut the dog some slack. Maybe that was the dogs way of paying respect. When under my control, I only let my dogs walk on hearty things, so no flowers. I wouldn't let them pee on the flowers, but I might let them pee on a statue. I really think it is funny. But then, I'm not Catholic.

  2. While I don't think the dog was trying to be sacreligious, the owner sounds like a dunce. When I had my dog and used to walk her I would direct her away from things on private property, ornaments/statues, flowers, etc. That owner was just plain rude and immature (or not paying attention?). Perhaps a bird will fly over them and deliver droppings on their head. That could be St. Fracis of Assisi's way of saying "Right back at ya'".

    As for the teenagers, totally typical. It's very annoying though.

  3. I think you should have hit the teenager. i would have taught her a valuable lesson

  4. Well, to some people, I'm still a teenager (I'm almost 21) But that's just plain disrespectful.

    She didn't get spanked enough when she was little...

  5. I'd have much fun to see them jump, you know?

    Like you, I'm courteous and give "the wave" to let folks cross, or let them into traffic, or let them go before me at a 4-way stop. Seriously...LOSE THE SCOWLS, people. We are being nice....does that SURPRISE YOU?

    And the dog thing? hmmmmm...nope, wouldn't let my dog (if I had one) pee on the statue, much less even the church property!

    God golly have me wondering what village you live in (and do you have an idiot? Oh, have SEVERAL, by this post!), because I am curious if I lived there too...or nearby, in any case.....

  6. Argh, teenagers are SO aggravating. You should have given her the old Jersey state bird with a big loud honk. Nah, I kid. But it would have been justified.

    And regarding that dog, I bet not all dogs go to heaven.

  7. WOW. I have a bunch of stuff to say about that, but its mostly unkind (towards them not you!) so I deleted it a few times. Instead I'll just write "Oh for crying out loud!" Blessings! ~Whitney

  8. The pedestrians in our town are awful too. Rob and I have taken to calling them "squirrels" because they act just like them...sauntering across the road as slow as you please, not of these days I'm going to hit one, I swear to god.

  9. i love that you know st francis is the patron saint of animals!!

  10. if it was the patron saint of animals, then they had it coming :)

    you definitely would have been justified in running over the txt-er. in fact, it would have made for a way funnier blog post, albeit from a prison cell ;)

  11. The girl - ok, teenage idiot..but yeah, a good HONK woulda woken her silly little self up. I worry about crossing around here... crosswalk seems to be a foreign concept! We've been honked at by the guy behind us, when we stop for someone, one idiot tried to go round us and almost creamed the guy crossing..

    BW - you got a great idea there! hmmm.

    the statue.. oh now THAT is Karma in a strange and wonderful way. NO the owner shouldn't have let him piddle on anyone's flowers or statues.. but of all the ones to do it on.. St. Francis always struck me as a fairly sensible sort (coming from a decent part of my fatherland) he would have realized it's all natural... but it does raise the eyebrows! wonder what the Dog Whisperer would say to that one!


  12. Seriously??! Texting in the middle of a crosswalk??! There is truly something wrong with that..

  13. As much as I truly love my children, I have raised (I prefer the words trained them up, but most people would not understand that) to respect rules so if they had pulled this, then, certainly would have had my permission to slowly run over one of my teens had they pulled this ...they most certainly would have survived it and learned a lesson, I would not have sued and I'd have taught them another lesson when I got a hold of them, injured or not.... Yes, I agree that teens think that just because they are in a situation where they have some control over adults they use it to their advantage....

    And I think I'd have taken the pup to the pound...wherein the owner could bail it dog got loose once on post, was nabbed by the MP's and had to spend the night in puppy jail, I got a citation for it, 2 more and the pup would have had to move out....respect is respect, teen, pup or adult in my book.

  14. run them over.. its like 50 points for each one you hit!!!

  15. ha! GRRR to that disrespectful teenager! where was their mother??? and that dog was too funny...


  16. Ahhhh! Texting!!!!

    I could go on and on about texting but I will spare you. I vote that you should have run her over, haha.

  17. Oh my. Someday I will have two teenage girls. It has me shaking in my boots.

    One thing I can control is not owning a dog. At least my family can only commit one of the "sins"!

  18. Ah, yes, the points system. Texting teenagers holding up traffic should bring in at least 100.

    I think honking would've just made her day, knowing that she was able to irritate an adult. She might run into someone with less patience than you, so for her sake, I hope she shapes up!

    Oh, and I second the island suggestion.


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