Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dash-1 has nursery school orientation tomorrow. Parents go with the kids for an hour and have a little run thru of their day. Tuesday he starts on his own.

I am a smidge on the nervous side. Kinda like Anna Nicole was a smidge on the slutty side.

How will my baby do? What should he wear? Blue brings out his eyes, but do I go casual with a tee shirt but then again he's so sharp in a polo shirt. And then... what do I wear? I know the focus is him but come on there will be other mothers there and lets face it. Mommydom is like high school.

I keep asking flyboy what he's going to wear. He keeps giving me that look. Somehow I don't think he cares what the other moms think of him.

He wont be around next week for the first official day so he really wants to go to the orientation. He offered to take Dash-1 but well, love him as I may, I cant let the two of them go alone. There are things I have to discuss with the teachers, medicine I need to go over with them, and well... I need to be there.

Not that he's not an amazing parent. But come on. I'm the mom, this is my domain.

Flyboy took Dash-1 to a doctors appointment once. We had a different doctor then the norm so he didn't really know much of his background info. I had asked flyboy before the visit to bring up the reflux and some other issues. When he got home I asked about it and he had that look of a kid who forgot his homework. Nothing important was discussed. I asked what they talked about.... apparently the doctor liked Dash-1's haircut and was very interested in flyboy's airplane.

So we are all three going. A dear friend is watching dash-2 so our full attention is on our new school boy. Crap back to that.

I hope my little one takes to school like a fish to water. I hope he just breezes into school with a wink and a nod to me. Ok maybe a hug and a kiss would be nice.

My boy is growing up. He'll look so cute with his little bookbag and his polo shirt. Or should we go for one of his button up shirts.....


  1. The first day of school is so exciting!

    I had to laugh about Flyboy and the doctors appointment. Sounds just like my husband! Must be a man thing :)

  2. Hey I am doing a school project and need your help. If you'd like to help, shoot over to my blog! Thanks!!

  3. Ha ha! That is exactly what I would do too.

  4. I would go more snazzy on the first day for Dash-1. It is something special, but I don't want someone gawking at me, no matter how imaginary it is, for looking jacked up. Good rule of thumb (my thumb, anyway) is don't outdress your child. Faubl-O is in 3K and she goes to the same school with the most of the same kids b/c of day care in the summer and I see most of the same parents every day, but still. I don't want them invading my psyche with my overly active paranoia. We're sort of "outsiders" here. We don't live in the community where she goes to school; her school is about half way from home to where I work. Because of the nature of my job, I don't dress up (I wear jeans or khakis most days), but she and I coordinated. Yes, I said it! We coordinated. Sometimes they take first day pics of kids coming in with their parents. Me in red and white polka dots with her in orange? No way was I going to have that possibly happen. (BTW, they didn't do it this year - new administration) To go ahead and totally make me appear certifiable: a lot of times when we go out as a family, we coordinate. Especially if there is a possibility we will be photographed together (i.e. recent wedding shower we went to).

    Regarding the doctor thing and other boy habits: It's the "Y" chromosome. I'm telling you, those two arms smack away all good reason. Hubs is the same way. I sent a list (and a note) to the dr. with him once. He didn't even pull it out of his pocket. He was embarrassed. Good thing I faxed it ahead of time :) Yeah, he was embarrassed when I packed his seabag for Iraq with packmate bags, but he was the ONLY one who had his fluffy pillow from home when he got there. Score one for me.

    Can't wait to see what you decide.

  5. I can only imagine being nervous before sending my kids to school. But I Know how nervous I get before I put my dog in doggie daycare. I am always afraid she is going to be that "kid" that doesn't get along (even though that has never happened). So I am sure I will be even more nervous than you when I have kids and send them to school!

  6. I understand completely :) I had Keenan wear jeans and a polo shirt. It looks nice, but not too nice so he doesn't stand out.

    I'm sure you'll all do just fine :)

  7. mommydom is sooo like high school!!

    best of luck on the big day - i know he will look adorable no matter what you decide to put him in!

    and so will you :)

  8. I think the blue sounds good. I think my hubby had the same doc appointment as yours did

  9. Ooohhhhh...the first day of school! My baby started walking today, I don't even want to think about school yet! :)

  10. Oh...this growing up stuff is hard!!!

    Go for the polo. My friend who has a boy calls them "handsome shirts". Handsome he will be!

  11. Lesson learned from my son's preschool adventures? T-shirts or polos...DARK ones....they get dirty...oh so dirty...the cute cream garanimals shirt I bought? will NEVER look like it did when I sent him to school...I've washed it millions of times, stain sticked it, shouted it, and it's still showing signs of playing outside. oh well...

    My son? I can't get him to say goodbye sometimes, he just forgets about me!

  12. How exciting :) Congrats to the little one on starting school!

  13. Well there Mrs, part of life is when dash-1 movers out on his own.

  14. I just let Speed pick his own clothes...then there is no arguement. Luckily for me I know he prefers jean shorts and either T or a polo, so it usually doesn't look bad.

    I am sure whatever he wears will be dash-ing, hehe yeah I went there!!


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