Monday, September 22, 2008

My apologies and further rambles

I have sucked as a blogger the last week or so. I'm sure no one is going thru withdrawal without my mindless rants and kiddie stories but if you are, my apologies. Flyboy is going away for a few weeks so we were spending some quality family time together. We went to the zoo, the park, a hike, delightful except for the countless temper tantrums from darling dash-2 that have recently started and last on average 45 minutes.

I thought Dash-1 had a temper.

Good lord. Flyboy and I both being heavily Irish should have come with warning stickers on our butts reminding us that if two Irish tempers procreate their offspring will have WICKED tempers.

Flyboy made a comment that he is still regretting. Some slip of the tongue about how my life as a stay at home mom is a cake walk. That I get to play with Lego's and eat cookies all day. I just laughed, on the inside and outside, and then when the next temper tantrum started I walked away.

I think he was drinking at the end of it. Flyboy not Dash-2.

I had an interesting experience at the commissary this weekend. We split the boys up to divide and conquer. I took Dash-2 to the er to get his ear double checked (I thought perhaps his cold had given him an ear infection as it has before and perhaps that was part of the tantrum problem. No luck, he was healthy and just a pain in the rear.)

So after the doctors we ran to the PX and Commissary. First I forgot it was a football game day. Cripes. I had to show my ID to everyone and anyone to get to the PX parking lot without paying for parking. I hadn't been there for a game yet this season and apparently its a football parking lot. I am not paying ten bucks to park at the commissary. Kiss my bumper.

Dash-2 and I do our usual, we go to the PX do a little light shopping, then get some lunch, then head over for the grocery banaza, all while keeping the car in one spot. This is important for later in the story.

I must also say that I only have two children but it is so delightful to get to spend time alone with just one. You see them in a different light, their personality just shines thru. And its only one to chase after.

Shopping with one was a breeze. We did our commissary thing, counting fruit, naming colors, mooing at the cow in the meat department. As we walked out to the car I noticed that people were tailgating.

In the commissary parking lot. How weird.

There was a group of 7 guys in their mid twenties right next to my car. I had to ask them to move over some so I could load up my car (which mind you takes some time, we have a 45 min drive so I organize the cold stuff in a freezer bag). I asked them jokingly if tailgating five spots from the commissary looses something. They laughed and said they might as well have gone to the local grocery store. True true.

They asked whether I was rooting for Army. Not so much, I explained my husband was Marine Corps so we weren't huge Army football fans (sorry Army readers, but its true). And well again lets be honest, it wasn't even really great football to watch. (Again readers, sorry but its true you have to admit it).

I realized I might have offended them and asked if they were Army, they replied that they were just here for the game, no one was in or had been in.... or had any desire to be in. I just went back to my groceries.

Then a helicopter flies over, not low just flying over. One of the guys yells, "In coming!" and then then another said, "If we were in Iraq we'd all be dead now."

I just looked over at them. I know it wasn't a horrible statement but to me it just seemed inappropriate. Especially given where they were. And who was around them.

I wish I had said something to them, but I didn't. At that moment Dash-2 was sitting on the bread and trying to smoosh some chips. I didn't want to listen to their inane chitter chatter any longer.

Everyone has the right to say whatever they so desire. Flyboy reminded me of that when I told him the story. And he's right, its cliche but its why he wears the uniform.

But really, those morons were on a military base, in the commissary parking next to a military spouse and her kid. I'm thankful that Dash-1 wasn't with me. That kid picks up on everything and then repeats it at the worst time. I would have been explaining that statement for weeks.

If only people would think before they speak. Dammit I suppose that could occasionally apply to me.

Thank goodness we arent talking about me here.


  1. Sometimes you want to hit them in the head with a frying pan...

    I know he was probably trying to be funny but suffered from diarrhea of the mouth and couldn't control it.

    Deep cleansing breaths...(and a glass of wine when you get home!)

  2. The difference between genius and stupidity?

    There is no limit to stupidity.

    Enjoy your time with Flyboy!

  3. I've heard milspouses disparage their spouses' unit, commander, the Army, the President...all in one huge "open mouth insert foot" moment at a VERY public event...a spouses' luncheon. And those spouses didn't bother to look around and see that the very folks they were talking smack about, the unit members and commander, were represented by THEIR spouses at the same event.

    The freedom and right to speak is not free reign to be stupid, and therein lies the problem. I totally agree with Lindsay.

  4. Glad you had some great family time :) Sounds fun! I, for one, did miss my daily update from your corner of the world.

  5. I'da asked them what level of stupid DID they think they were demonstrating?

    and while this may sound strange, thanks for making me realize that hearing about tantrums is NORMAL! for a toddler/2-4 year old. my son is being driven nuts by my 2 3/4 year old granddaughter. pain in the tush attitude lately!


  6. i totally was going through the mrs. withdrawal :) glad you are back friend. and glad you got in some quality time with the hubby.

  7. Yikes. What a thing to say on a military base! That would have bugged me too.

  8. As much as I am a fan of Army football, I do agree, it isn't great football to watch. I think that tailgating at the commissary is reaalllyy random and they should be more respectful if they are going to do so.

  9. As much as you wanted to say some thing back to the stupid guys, you were the bigger person and it showed.

    How people can be that stupid is beyond human understanding.


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