Friday, September 5, 2008

Whats up your nose?

I am having an issue with Dash-2 that I never had with Dash-1. An utter fascination with shoving things up his nose. Way up.

Yesterday on separate occasions I pulled out, a piece of corn, a part of a sponge, a piece of tissue, and at one point I caught him trying to put a Lego up his nose.

Jokes on him we have the REALLY big Lego's. Those aren't fitting up an elephant's nose.

I do pay attention to my kids. Really I do. But darned if those little ones aren't sneaky. Luckily I've been able to do all the retrievals myself. I'm going to feel like an ass if I have to take him to the doctors over this.

Maybe he's just training now for a career as an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Oh yeah he also likes to shove stuff in his ears too....


  1. Im sorry Im not laughing ok I am just a little. Ive seen it so many times at work (I work with little kids not grown up although that would be funny) Its always the little boys and it passes in time.

  2. Gosh I actually thought it was normal for a parent to have to take their kid to the Dr. at least once to retrieve something from his nose.

  3. LOL - ouch for the big legos!

    Oh, my, I have one of those. She swallowed a penny, if you remember. Thankfully (I won't count my blessings yet),we haven't had to dig anything out of a nose. I'm sure I'll post about that at some point though.

  4. Ah yes the things up the nose stage. I babysat twins for a good 7 months or so and one night the one decided to stick beads up her nose instead of making a bracelet- it was a fun retrieval.

    Good luck and hopefully little Dash-2 will learn his lesson soon enough!

  5. I've been blessed with two kids who only like to put fingers up their noses (okay, that's NOT a blessing, but still...)

    But I recently heard at MOPS that if an M&M accidentally (or otherwise) makes it up a child's nose...leave WILL melt in 15 or so minutes...then have said child BLOW the heck out of the nose. Probably wouldn't hurt to do a quick saline flush afterwards, lol!

  6. Thinking like a child, which happens to be something that I'm pretty good at, why would God give us all those cool places to put things if he didn't want us to try?

    True Story: I had a sleepover when I was about 12 years old where a girl but a boardgame piece up her nose. It took vaseline and tweezers to get it out. So at least it's now and not when he's 12 and old enough to know WAY better!

  7. ok not laughing (ok kinda) :)

    but beans has just discovered her nose as well and yesterday she almost got a pea up in there!!

    not cool friend!!

    ps - it's like 48 degrees outside right now...wanna come for a visit?

  8. I remember going to the doctor to have a Cootie eye plucked out of my nose.(from the game)
    He told me of a little girls that had shoved an entire bead necklace in her nose the week before... I never did it again.

  9. Ha! Funny funny. Kids are so strange. :)

  10. When I was younger my little sister shoved something up her nose. My parents yelled at me for 2 solid hours about not leaving my barbie shoes lying around bc they thought that was what it was. It turned out to be a green bead. So yeah, not my fault, but I guess its just something that some little kids do. She used to put stuff up her nose and in her diaper and in the VCR....but hey, she grew out of it!

  11. Well you can look at it like this, be happy it his nose and not the eletrical outlet. And be happy there is no picking going on.

    It a stage it will pass.

    Also, no matter how well you watch them they are quick. In a blink something could happen they are kids.

  12. At least everything he put up his nose was soft (besides the Lego attempt, I guess)! Won't scratch him up or anything.

    I'm sure he'll appreciate it when he's older when you can tell his friends that you dug things out of his nose. :)

  13. Classic second child! I lost count of how many times I complained about L'il Sis, "But her sister never did that!"

  14. My kids have never done that...yet.

    The little neighbor girl here shoved a cherry pit up her nose last summer and had to go to the ER though. Fun times!

    I'm honestly perplexed as to why children think that putting random objects up their noses is a good idea??

  15. Luckily, Gabi got so freaked out the first time she stuck something up her nose (it hurt!) that she only did it one time after that and then no more. I was secretly SO worried that she'd keep doing it! And kids are quick little things- they can be sitting in your lap with you staring straight at them and they can get something up their nose before you can blink.

  16. DG managed to get 3 kernels of corn up her nose once, I am still not sure how she did it, because I was sitting right there beside her. That last one was hard to get out....I think she was like 18 mos old or so.

  17. They ARE sneaky with putting things up their noses, aren't they?

    My daughter, when she was about 2, put a tiny hair clippie up her nose and had to go to the ER. She was so close to needing surgery and we were really luckyshe held still enough for the doc to get it out (bribed with lollipops). She still remembers the lollipops, 2+ years later of course!

    I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I totally feel your pain! :)

  18. Adorable Allison stuck a straw-like bead up her nose when she was about 3 and my parents had to take her to the hospital. They used VERY LARGE tweezers to remove it. Needless to say that was the LAST time she stuck anything up her nose!


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