Thursday, January 31, 2008

we made it

We are back on our home turf. Well, back from our original home turf to the place that the Marine Corps told us would be our home turf. It was nice to have an adventure as a family. Poor flyboy hadnt a clue what he was in for. The last time we took a vacation together, Dash-2 was yet to be and Dash-1 was much quieter and not so active. All in all the driving went well. Dash-1 has a new nickname, "Itty bitty bladder boy". Its amazing he stops almost every 40 mins, to the second. And somewhere along the way flyboy taught him how to pee outside so now when he has to go to the bathroom he will beg to pee in the trees. Even in a store. This is a bit akward. Though I must say, a proud mom moment (all you moms out there will know what I mean) only 3 1/2 weeks since the day we started potty training and he went 14 hrs in the car without so much of a drop in his pull up!

It was nice and strange to spend that much time together. We had been debating over the past few months about maybe saying adios to Marine Corps life and as Flyboy puts it "punching out" but it looks like that isnt in the cards. Ah how things change. Rather over the past few days we have been talking about the very strong possibility of an upcoming deployment. Down to the whole will, life insurance, what to do in case of discussion. It was nice to actually get five minutes face to face to get to talk about these things. I wasnt really banking on getting out. He says it but he's a Marine thru and thru. I dont know if he'll ever be able to walk away. This trip has brought some clarity for the two of us. That and we got to see every rest stop between here and exit 36 in Georgia. And you know what.... there were not enough! Thank goodness for the little potty in the back of the car, poor little itty bitty bladder boy wouldnt have made it.

It's been a long, busy week. I'm more tired after the trip then before the trip. I need a vacation from my vacation.


  1. I'm glad you had such a fun trip! LOL to the "itty bitty bladder"!

    Funny, my husband and I have been going round and round about whether or not to get out of the AF. (I'll be blogging the whole story soon) I feel the same way you do- I just think *J* was made for the military. I'm not sure he'd thrive doing anything else in quite the same way...But it's a tough decision to commit your entire life to such an uncertain path. Marrying a career military man is not for the faint of heart.

    I'm sure you guys will make the decision that's right for your family :)

  2. Our country needs you, just so you know. Let me tell you as an old soldier who has drawn a pension for longer than I like to admit, retired is not bad, medical for life is great, and as a triple dipper we have comfort in our lives.

  3. glad to hear you all made it back OK; now take some time to relax, darnit!!

  4. I'm glad your trip was so much fun...potty breaks and all. (Its weird how they never outgrow wanting to just pee wherever they happen to be standing at that moment even if there is no toilet.)

    I can't say I've ever met a "middleman" when it comes to the military. Either they want to stay in the military their entire life or they want out as soon as their time is up. It's either a career/lifestyle or something to pay the bills for a few years.

  5. From a Marine Mom... thank you and thank you to your husband. I didn't realize when I saw your comment on Sarge's block that y'all were a Marine family...


  6. hi - we went through the should we, should we not... and we are , now back in the Big A Army after years in the Guard. And in the DC area. No. SB isn't coming here, but we are trying to get some of the bloggers in the area together.

    Let me know if you'd be interested.


  7. LOL I laugh with you about the peeing outside!! We go geocaching, when the weather is good enough, which largely takes place on trails in state parks and such. Speed got so used to going outside, that one day when we were picking up DG at school, he pulled down his pants and went right there on the playground!! In front of I don't know how many moms waiting to get their kids too!! He has a bladder the size of a walnut, so I know how you feel!!

    LAW, we are in the DC area, too! I would love to meet some of the wonderful lady bloggers!


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