Friday, January 11, 2008

Germs be gone!

I'm contemplating getting the boys fitted for individual bubbles. Last month we finally got rid of a nasty nasty cold and Dash-2 got over his ear infection. Well now an even nastier cold has taken up residence in our home and now Dash-1 has a nasty ear infection. I do have to say that this is the first time he's ever warranted being on antibiotics so he's had a great run. We have been at the Army hospital so much lately everyone there knows us. So far we have been in once a week for the past three weeks. Flyboy is starting to think I have a thing for the pediatrician. I'm really holding out that we can go a whole four weeks until Dash-1's well kid three year apt next month. That's probably wishful thinking! But I'm going to hold on to that dream.

My mother told me this is how it is with two kids, they just keep passing back the germs, back and forth. This would be the one thing Dash-1 would share wouldn't it!


  1. I don't think its just kids that pass the germs. My family has a cold that's going around. It went from me to my husband to my dad to my grandma to my mom and now my sister is feeling it coming on. We don't all live together, but we work together so when one gets sick its inevitable that we will all get sick. *sigh*

  2. That's no fun to have sick kids! My two little ones seem to be passing around a cough. But it might be allergies. I'm not sure.


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