Tuesday, January 8, 2008

go big blue!

That's what Flyboy has taught Dash-1 to run around the house screaming. Seeing as though Dash-2 isn't speaking Flyboy taught him just to stick his arms up like a field goal. I even got Dash-1 a little jersey for this season, I couldn't find one small enough for Dash-2 so he's going to have to wait until next fall. This house is officially Giants territory.

I never really had much interest in football, but a strange thing is starting to happen around here.... I'm starting to care. Yikes. Whats going on around here? I find myself actually paying attention to the game and *gasp* checking out the commentary on NFL.com to see whats in store for the upcoming game. Really folks. This isn't like me. If the words special team and point spread come out of my mouth in the next few weeks I think Flyboy might have a heart attack.

Sorry to all you cowboy fans out there, my team is going to kick your teams ass next week. See thats something I would never say before... really whats gotten into me?



  1. I'm not much of a football fan, but this fall we followed our local high school team and even went to the state championship game (which our team won) and it was really exciting. Now I understand what all those downs mean - I think...

    Go Team!

  2. Wow...a football fan? I am shocked and amazed!
    I don't know how your hubby is, but with mine it is almost better to join in than fight it :) I have not given in with that fight yet. I just can't get into football. I'd rather scrub my bathroom floor.
    Baseball on the other hand. Red Sox baseball, I should say...Now we are talking :)

  3. BB- yes its easier to join in then swim up stream against it! eh red sox baseball. I dont know if I could get behind them living here. Might be hazardous to my health. We should go to an O's game when the sox or yankees are in town down there.... take the boys to their first game.

  4. GO GIANTS BABY!!! My mom is a fan hense I grew up being a fan. My hubby is a fan and when the kid was born she was given a Giants baby cheerleader uniform. We are definitely a BLUE household.

  5. yay big blue! hubby is from texas, but luckily he is a packers fan...so we'll be rooting for the Giants over here, too :)

    I think Camden Yards is a great place to see a first baseball game ever. And I'm not just saying that because it is 10 minutes from my house....but speaking from experience, you may not want to take them to an o's-sox game. The drunken sox crowd gets a little, er, rowdy.


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