Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mommy musings

What is happening to my little ones? I've been noticing lately that something is happening around here.

Dash-1 climbed into the chair on his own. Scary and impressive at the same time. He found the book he wanted and dragged it over to his big brother to "read" it to him.Reading is such a big thing in our house. I've read to them since they were itty bitty. Some of the most prized baby gifts we have gotten have been books. Dash-2 seems to be especially smitten with books.

My two sweet boys. They are still little (waking up at 2 am keeps reminding me of that!) but it does seem like the time is flying. I saw a quote once about motherhood, "The days seem slow but the years fly by". Boy oh boy does that seem very true. Some days you just don't think your sanity will hold up, but it does. These days go by so quickly, they go from little newborn blobs, to rolling around, to crawling, to walking and running in no time. Dash-1 is now potty trained (more on that later) and I just reserved his spot for nursery school next year. Dash-2 is getting more stable on his own two feet.

I'm still at the beginning of it all.Something tells me I'm going to still be shaking my head in 18 years wondering what happened to my babies. My goal for motherhood, besides raising responsible, respectful young men, is to appreciate the fleeting moments. To not just hear the "I love you's" but to acknowledge them; to not just get a kiss, but to feel the kiss; to not just raise my children, but know my children.

Life has a way of testing. To take us right to that point, to make us wonder if its possible to maintain. But it also has a way of rewarding us. You just have to find the reward in everyday things.

Hmm... this post kinda start in a different direction and now I've ended up here. And how about that... right as nap time is over. Talk about timing.


  1. Being the mom is a great journey.

    I keep looking at my big kids with their piano lessons and soccer and dance and I think don't grow up too fast...

  2. *sigh* So true. Mine are no longer babies and I cant figure out how it happened. How wonderful that when they're grown we'll have our little blogs to look back on to remember all their day to day activities. our parents sure didn't have that luxury.

    Even though I try to enjoy every moment with my kids it seems like it's going by way to quickly! Sometimes I wish they could be little forever!

  3. My oldest turns 7 tomorrow and the younger one turned 5 in December. I still can't believe that they are that old! Sports are on the horizon for Speed.

    They all grow up too fast!!! Your boys are very cute!!

  4. hi trying,
    i like especially how your post turned toward the end. i was moved by how you said for example don't just get the kiss, feel the kiss. thank you for the reminder. good to hear this today. great day to ya, kathleen

  5. I don't have kids, but I have nieces and nephews and they're all between the ages of 3 and 6. Everytime I see them I can't believe how fast they are growing and how smart they are getting. For Christmas we got my one niece a vanity, so she can do her hair in her room all by herself.


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