Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A valentine for daddy....

Yesterday we crafted some valentines day hearts while Dash-2 was napping (best to do these things during nap time after the great "Christmas paint eating fiasco of 2007"). Dash-1 and I cut out hearts and then ripped tissue paper and glued it on. Quite a scene. What was I thinking? They turned out very nice and he seemed to have fun, good thing, we have half a dozen more to do! He put on so much glue it took a solid 24 hours to dry. Well once I gave him the go ahead to touch them he started carrying it around the house. Its been everywhere with him today. He's shown everyone at Target, Old Navy, the gas station, its a well traveled heart and its holding up well. Then he got another idea in his head, he wanted to give it to daddy. Its a "valentines for my daddy" as he said. I explained that daddy was flying and would be home in a few more days. This set him off. He wants to give it to him now.

I don't know if its his age or if he's realizing more and more that daddy is home and then not home, or if I'm just really not interesting enough, but he seems very frustrated lately when Flyboy isn't around. He would not let go of giving Flyboy a valentine's heart. He said he could put it on an airplane, perspective kid, but not so much an option. Just a few days and he can give Flyboy his heart.

And like a good daddy, Flyboy knows how to give the appropriate reaction!


  1. He did a wonderful job! His daddy will love that special Valentine. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! Such sweet words. It's been a rough week so the encouragement is much appreciated. Definitely jump back into scrapping. If you need something small & quick, make a few cards. Less time, less supplies, but still a great creative outlet.

  2. That is so sweet! I wonder if it's a boy thing. Speed gets like that too. If he draws a picture or "writes" a letter he wants daddy to have it immediately. I finally got him to understand we have to mail it to daddy, then even when he finishes one late in the evening, he wants me to go to the mailbox and mail it right then!!!

    Beautiful valentine and I am sure Flyboy will love it!

  3. This is a nice post, I get all mushy at valentines time. My wife and I was separated many times over my 26 years service, I am trying to make it up now.

    I think you could be helpful to my granddaughter LALA on my sidebar. She is engaged and will marry her navy fly boy in May.

  4. that is too precious. good to hear that your husband will be home in a few days to receive his heart!

    thanks for stopping by, btw. =) i look forward to reading more of your blog...

  5. So cute! I think it is just his age--it's so hard for them to be patient.


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