Sunday, January 6, 2008

Life without kids...

is boring. Very boring.

The weekend has been nice and its been peaceful. But honestly without potty talk, finger painting on the kitchen floor, food being flung at dinner time, life is pretty mundane.

Maybe we have just forgotten how to "be" without kids. Man oh man, what was life like back then?


  1. Enjoy it! I'm sure you can remember how. And when they're teens, you *won't* be calling Grandma every 5 minutes, lol!

  2. LOL! Sorry. I do hope you guys had at leat a little good time.

    I think if I had a weekend without the kids, all I would do is sleep. Ahh, yes, sleep as long and as much as I wanted!


  3. Heh, and here I was expecting this huge post today about all these great things you and your hubby did over the weekend... Guess it is obvious that we don't have any kiddies over here, huh? LOL!

  4. I'll trade with you. I'm seriously thinking of running away from home (at least for little while) after Stretch gets home from deployment. ;D

  5. it's all Xbox 360 and concerts at the 930 Club ;)


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