Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the time has come...

for the talk. Not the sex talk, my oldest is only turning three next month. But it was time for the talk about flyboy. He was flying yesterday and Dash-1 was pouting around the house, hanging on the door, pressing his face up against the window. I tried my darnedest to find something fun to do. We did a little finger painting, played with some water in the sink, helped me unload the dishwasher (at three that is VERY exciting). I told him that the big guy was working, he knows that that for his daddy that means flying, and he would be home tomorrow. Then it happened. Those words I knew where coming I was just hoping they would wait a while.

"Why daddy always be gone?"

Like a knife in my heart. Ok maybe I'm overreacting, flyboy would be home the next day. It wasn't any big trip, but at three I suppose its a lot to understand sometimes.

So while I was getting their dinner ready I put him up on the counter with me and we had a talk about flyboy being gone so much. I tried to explain that some daddies go to offices, some work at home (like Grandpa always helpful when you have a reference point), and some daddies fly and drive tanks. I told him that lots of daddies and mommies are Marines and they don't always get to be home with their kids but they still love them and want nothing more to be home but they have to go help others. He kinda just gave me the eye at this point. Then he asked if he could have a juice box. I suppose I either answered his question or he was bored with me.

I'm looking at this as a military wife rite of passage. Lord by the time the sex talk rolls around maybe I'll be ready for it. Or hopefully flyboy will be home for it!


  1. That is hard. It seems sad to me that dad being gone is "normal" for my kids' childhood.

  2. Wow. I can relate to this!

    My boys (we have 2 also) have just started noticing Daddy is gone a whole lot. My little one will wake up in the morning calling "can't find my Daddy!" even when he's right downstairs. It is like a knife in the heart.

    You handled it brilliantly. What more can you say really?

    I came across your blog at random and I'm so glad I did :) I've really enjoyed it so far! I'll be back.


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