Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another funny memory

I was reading a great blog tonight, Under the Sea, which is one of my daily reads and chuckled when I saw her post on allergy labels. Last May after several nasty reactions Dash-1 was diagnosed with a severe peanut and egg allergy. Thankfully Flyboy was home for all the allergy testing. Mind you this taking place at the Army Hospital that we are forced, I mean that we are lucky enough to go to. I have say the allergist was a visiting one who comes up every three months from Walter Reed and was wonderful, but doctors, especially military ones don't always have the best sense of humor.

So anyways, she tells us that Dash-1 is severely allergic to peanuts. Right after she says this Flyboy looks at her with a dead serious face and tone and says "So that rules out the visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Peanut Farm this summer?"

That was the last visit for allergies he has attended.


  1. This is strange, I am a native son of the Great State of Georgia and I have an allergy to Jimmy Carter.

  2. HA! I hear ya on the allergy to Jimmy Carter. We are heading down to GA next week and I can say with all certainly we will not be stopping by his presidental library!

  3. heeeheee, thanks for the link :)

    Now I am curious, though, what did the doctor say after your husband asked about the peanut farm?

  4. The doctor just looked at him and we all had one of those good awkward silences. And then I told him to go get the car to keep him from talking any more. Thankfully he didnt go on his whole Carter tangent. Now that would have been REALLY awkward.

  5. That is so funny! Sounds like somethig my hubby would have said. I reember the day we found out we were having twins. We were standing there in the hallway after the ultrasound at Camp Lester Naval Hosptial in Okinawa. I was in total shock and hubby spits out "Ths is cool, when can go to the Twins Festival in Twinsburg (near where I am from in Ohio) now!)

    I was like what? Thats all you can say? AACK!

    So happy to have married a guy with a great sense of humor, even if I dont think he's that funny sometimes:)



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