Monday, January 21, 2008

A simple question

Do Raspberry newtons count as a fruit?

They should. But just to make sure I'm getting the most of the fruity goodness, I'll probably need to eat a fair amount. I think I'm up for the challenge tonight.

*Update* Sigh. Someone beat me to them. I was only left three newtons, which probably was a sign from above that I only needed that many. I dont know if I ate enough to get to count them as fruit. Damn.


  1. oh, they definitely count as fruit.

    have you ever done an overseas relocation? i'm not too worried except that i need to get my dog to Japan if that's where we end up, and what i've read doesn't sound like it will be easy for her, or cheap for me.

  2. I haven't had a rasberry fig newton in years. I forgot about those - yumm! Definately a fruit!

    lala - you should find out the dog regulations as soon as possible - for Hawaii there were several things that needed to be done months before the move, then weeks before and then days before...good luck!

  3. I think the care bear fruit snacks count as fruit, so I can't argue with raspberry fig newtons.


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