Monday, November 30, 2009

On my mind

Here's what I'm wondering....

-Is eating a cookie while on the treadmill making the best use of my time or the worst? Am I ahead of burning the calories, behind or just staying status quo? {I didn't do this, I was just thinking about it while walking tonight, however, that being said, I'm not ruling it out either.}

-Why is it that I'm excited for Christmas but still haven't gotten into the present shopping mode?

-How is it that a two month old went an entire 8 hour car ride without sleeping. Granted he wasn't fussing, but he certainly wasn't sleeping {and in case your wondering staying awake that long does not make for a more restful night sleep, quite the opposite}

-Why is mom the family pack mule? How is it that they can jump and play all day but ask a child to carry his plate to the kitchen and suddenly they have gone weak?

-Tiger Woods slamming his car in his front yard tops a story on Iran and their nukes. This makes sense why? Tiger might be a great golfer but he can't blow up a country should he feel like it. Or at least I don't think he's that powerful yet.

-How is it that dash-2 only poops at night after he's gone to bed? Is it his get out of bed free card or something? Really can't we reschedule his bowels to the daytime?

-Can't we put a little bit more time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Both to spread out the calorie impact and the family time. If we all started spreading the rumor that the first Thanksgiving really happened in June we could probably start something...

and finally....
-I still don't get that whole shoe in the road thing. There's a pair in the middle of the highway outside flyboy's base, they've been there for two weeks now. HOW DID THEY GET THERE?!

Oh wait, I have another one... why in the world is Paris Hilton famous? Really my mind has been trying to figure this one out forever. Did I miss something? Please someone if you have the scope on that one clue me in.


  1. Okay (cracks knuckles):

    1. Cookies are nearly always worth it, whether they affect the status quo or not.
    2. Me either.
    3. I have no idea but that sucks.
    4. Thanks for the tip. I see my future already. How come my hubby can bus his own dishes but doesn't seem to even see the baby plate or my plate?
    5. The big story my my local news, prior to Iran and nukes, was a road that is being erroded away by a creek.
    6. Yogurt. Just sayin.
    7. FDR tried to put an extra week in but it was objected to so strongly that Congress passed a law for it to always be the fourth Thursday in Nov.
    8. I think you should throw a shoe into the pile every once in awhile. See how many shoes you can get stacked there before something happens.
    9. Money.
    I like this post! Also, I read Oh, The Places You'll Go tonight to Isaac. Thanks for convincing me to give it another chance.

  2. You wrote down all the questions I think all the time but only voice to myself...

    I can't believe Dash-3 stayed awake for 8 hours without fussing in a car! And good luck convincing Dash-2 that he really should poop before bed. As for Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton, I am over hearing about all the celebrity crap before big huge events. WHO CARES?! They are not deal breakers in my world, so why do they get such an inflated status...ugh.

    Have a great night!

  3. no, don't really know why she is famous... but thanks for the smile!

  4. thanks for cracking me up again!

    I always make sure E runs around for at least an hour after eating to get the ol' bowls amovin. But apple juice gets her moving too.

    I'm interested to see how Jonathan does on our trip home.

  5. I'm all about Christmas in July!

  6. I am still trying to figure out why Paris is so famous.

    The most frustrating thing was when they announced the Army going to 15 month deployments, what was on the news? Anna Nicole Smith. Over and over. Made me so mad.

  7. I get more confused when I see the ONE shoe in the middle of the road (like right outside our base). I guess I can maybe understand losing both your shoes, but how can you walk with just one shoe? And where is the other one?

  8. I was in a rollover crash (not driving I was front passenger) and lost both my shoes on the road (I-65) in 2005. Once I got out of the car I did retrive 1 shoe but the other went missing. A violent accident will cause this too happen. In fact, in most crashes, paramedics will dipose of clothes, shoes, on side of road.

  9. all things i also wonder!

    but seriously! the pooping thing! jax does that too! he is seriously holding his poop until going to bed and putting a pull up on. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!
    if you figure out a way around it, please le tme know.

  10. I can't wait to become the family pack mule. As it is, I'm the family cook and cleaner.

    I was wondering the same thing about Tiger Woods... Why the hell was that such a big deal? He didn't do any damage except to his own car, and I'm quite positive he can afford to have that fixed.

    I always wonder how shoes and other clothing items end up on highways, etc. Do they fall out of luggage, or do people discard them?

    Paris Hilton... all because of the money. I wish she wasn't, though I haven't seen much in the news about her recently... thankfully!

  11. Know what's beter than the pair of shoes in the middle of the road? The sing shoe in the middle of the road. How did it get there, and for the love of all that is holy WHERE IS THE OTHER SHOE?!

  12. Just some thoughts...
    The shoe thing: Maybe somebody threw them out of the window while driving by?
    I picture a couple, fighting about his favorite pair of shoes which he owns since nobody knows when and they are just hideous.
    He insisted on bringing them to whatever event they were invited to, they argue about them and off they fly.
    Hmm...or a bored kid?
    Would be helpful to know more about those shoes. :)

    The poop thing: When I was a live-in childcare-provider the family had a rule: Kid goes to the bathroom before bedtime -> he get's a treat and praise. He comes out of his room after being tucked in-> no treat, no praise. He was allowed to go though.

    Paris Hilton: Maybe she is famous because of this infamous home video...

  13. Skip the cookie, you're going to do a triathlon with me, right?

  14. I am sick of the Tiger Woods story.
    He's just a dude. Who can play golf like no other..but still just a dude. Who gives an eff'??

    Another thing I am sick of..The Salahi's...or however you spell their name. Everyone is bitching about how it would be a horrid shame if sneaking into the White House dinner was their 15 minutes of fame and that shouldn't be the reason they are famous, yet they keep covering it!!!
    Shut up about it already!! You are making them famous.


    I have a lot of deep breathing to do, don't I??

  15. What, you didn't know that Paris Hilton had a SEX TAPE, and that is why she's famous? Yep, true story. It was after the sex tape that she got her reality show - The Simple Life.

    If you need to know useless things about celebrities, just ask me, I'm addicted to celebrity gossip websites.

    Also, if you do a triathlon with ABW, you better invite me too!


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