Monday, November 23, 2009

Ornament Swap post

I am on the ball!

I had everything together so that I could sit down and send out the emails lickety split while the boys ate dinner tonight. Everyone who signed up should have received an email. If not or if there is some problem with the info, let me know.

Oh and wouldn't you know... everyone has a partner.... except me! There were exactly enough to make pairs and not one person was left over.... well except me I guess.

So if by chance there is someone who would like to swap and didn't sign up the other day, now is your chance. Or if there is someone who wants to go for two ornaments.....

I can hear you all out there typing furiously hoping that you are the first to respond. Right?


Anyways, I hope everyone has fun with this! I'm thinking maybe a valentine swap.... or maybe a "favorite easter candy" one. I'm all over easter candy and its not even winter yet....


  1. I love Easter candy! That would be amazing!

  2. I'm a West coast slacker and didn't realize how late it was getting.

    I'm in if you still need a swap partner!

  3. I will still do one with you if you need a partner.

  4. Looks like I responded too late to be your partner. Do they have to be homemade? Can I buy it?

    Your uncrafty bloggy friend.

    But I do put a lot of thought into everything...probably too much...

  5. okay well you def. should have a partner now, but I was all ready to be yours also. No one should get left out and def. not you who so nicely organized this for us.

  6. Have you ever heard of swap-bot? It is hundreds of swaps . . . really fun . . . can't remember the website but try to google it.

  7. I'll swap an ornament with you! Having 2 is like double the the fun!!
    Just let me know, thanks!!

  8. thanks for organizing it! :) can't wait.

  9. I like the Valentines swap. :)
    That sounds cute.

  10. send me your address...I'll send you an ornament too...nothing required in return! (uh, wait...maybe some McCoun apples??? Man, I'd love me some of those...I miss them)


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