Thursday, November 5, 2009

Esty love

Every year I say I'm going to get a head start on Christmas. I plan out my list and figure out that I'll start shopping in August or something. My grandmother would actually have all her gifts purchased by August and wrapped and laid out on the office couch by October so there was some model of this in my life.

Just in case your wondering, the above scenario has yet to happen. And lets be honest... it probably never will. Surely my honesty has to be worth something.

However I do have one gift waiting in the wings. And I'm so excited about it. {I'm not only a procrastinator but I'm a dork too}

Back in August I won a kick ass giveaway, it was for one free print from an esty store Art Shark Design. She has all sorts of beautiful things in her shop, note cards, journals, prints, I'll use her words to describe them, "Romantic screen prints of world cities and more."

She says it best.
I picked a fabulous print of Baltimore, the city that my brother and his girlfriend soon to be fiance live in. Her prints focus on something of architectural importance to the city (Paris - the Eiffel tower, DC the Washington Monument, Philly the LOVE statue, etc) and then have a pair of umbrellas huddled in the foreground.

{Click here to check out her city love prints!}

I saw the Baltimore print and I thought about my brother and his gf. How they could hang it up and where ever life takes them they can look back on it, years and years later and remember where it all started.

I'm sentimental like that. And I might have ordered another one but I can't get into that because my husband blog stalks me.

She also has a cute line of adorable animal prints and notecards. If we hadn't already done up the nursery for airplanes I would have gone that direction. But I did get the border collie notecards for my mother in law for christmas. So I guess technically I have 1 1/2 gifts purchased.

Oh and here's another thing that I love about Megan and her esty store - she ships WICKED fast. I mean really I ordered it on Monday and had it by Wedsnesday. Nothing makes me crazier then when it takes forever to get something.

Let's recap....
Beautiful work - check
Amazing selection - check
Super affordable (my print was 15 bucks!) - check
Lightening fast shipping- check
Will buy from again- check, check, and check

I'm hoping maybe she'll do some screen prints of bases or *ahem* airplanes, how great would those be?

Please, go by her esty store and take a look for yourselves! She's also on blogger check her out here!


  1. Oh this sounds like a great idea. And my mom will top you on this one for christmas: she not only buys and wraps everything early, she color coordinates the wrapping paper with the rest of the house, uses vintage bows, and makes sure each person's group of packages each has it's own wrapping paper. Different yearly. That will never happen with me.

    What I'd love to do is set aside money each month for presents throughout the year, and then buy them in the fall. That also didn't happen. Luckily my cookies were so good people request them.

  2. I also think I just found something for my mom. She's so hard to buy for!

  3. I love Etsy. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. This NEVER happens. But the hubby was deployed and might as well make good use out of all that extra money coming in!!

  4. hehe your hubby is a blog stalker. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas yet...

  5. I LOVE those prints. I just went and ordered one for myself...I meant to Christmas shop but ooops!

  6. Yeah for Etsy Love! I hope most of my gifts this year that I will buy will be handmade!

    I have a bloggy award...actually 2 over at my place for you!

  7. Oooo This sounds cute. I will check this out. Maybe for that gift we were discussing the other day..

  8. I just ordered a print!! Love that so many of the prints are local to me since she is out of VA. I bought "VT Love" for my friend who met her husband while we were at school. Her birthday is coming up in May! I'm so excited. BTW - look how far I have gotten in your blog!! I am on the last month before I am caught up!


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