Friday, November 13, 2009

Show n tell the mrs' way

Sometime flyboy and I wonder why our kids are so strange. Lately we've been starting to think that we *might* be the problem.

First we are too sarcastic, second we like to tease, and most important, we don't think being kids exempts them from either of the just mentioned things. In fact it kinda just makes it more fun.

Take for instance show and tell. Show and tell is big. Very big. Lots of thinking and anticipation goes into it, after all dash-1 likes to tell me with glee that you get to sit in the middle of the circle and everyone *has* to listen to you. Just has too!

So he had show and tell today for the letter T, in case you need it explained to you like my husband did the item needed to start with the letter T. So of course when flyboy came home this weekend we did some brainstorming with dash-1 about what starts with the letter T.

He was a little slow on the uptake with this, he wanted to take in his bouncy ball collection and sadly I just couldn't figure out a T twist for it so that was a no go.

Here's what I mean about how we might be the root cause of our children's strangeness...

Our suggestions for T items were.... a copy of the Treaty of Versailles (what a success that was right?) now we don't have a copy but you can damn well guarantee that I would have searched one down for him to take it in.

And I'll have you know flyboy and I laughed for a while over that one. We still can't figure out what would be funnier a little four year old standing up proudly displaying his treaty or the look on the teachers face as he was doing this. Priceless. Shoot I'm laughing just typing this.

We also suggested
-a turtleneck (again how funny would it be to just be standing in the middle of the circle time rug with a boring turtle neck?! Who brings that in. Also priceless)

- a chunk of an Iraqi tank that flyboy brought home from one of his deployments over to the sandbox. (Perhaps on a military installation school this wouldn't have been so odd but as the only military kid he definitely would have been an oddball with that one)

- a tightrope (we let this one go pretty early on because we didn't think we'd have time to teach him how to perform on it)

- and the most inappropriate one.... which to our defense we only brought up to each other when the kids were in bed

*drumroll please*

a poster of the most wanted Iraqi terrorist that flyboy got during his first deployment. Complete in whatever language they speak/write in over there, Farsi I think, with big ol red X's over the faces of the people whom have already had the pleasure of meeting America's finest.

See.... I'm almost certain, flyboy and I are the problem here.

Oh and he ended up taking in a truck. How lame. The treaty would have been way funnier.


  1. Your to much. What did he decide??

  2. What did he take for show and tell?

    I think the tank peice and the terrorist poster are fairly good ideas, actually. That would be something the other kids don't know about at all. A big chunk of current events learnin' in the middle of show and tell.

  3. Oh, yeah, and I think it's great that you help him come up with ideas. Even weird ones.

    I would have ended up at school with a can of tuna.

  4. I think the tank rocks. Perhaps that is the military family in us. They also don't think that seeing dudes in uniform with gobs of weaponry is odd.

    My two year old hollered out at a dude in ABU's this morning at the grocery store..."Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!" She was sad that he wasn't Daddy. Not the first time this has happened with the kids....just the first time with the 4th kid. :)

  5. That is too hilarious! I would have peed my pants laughing if he had taken the poster.

    My mom is SUPER guilty of this as well. I had to give a demonstration speech in 10th grade. My mom's brilliant idea - 13 different ways to pick a wedgie discreetly. Yep...I demonstrated that to a class of 10th graders. The next day the teacher had us define "appropriate" in our class journals. I've heard my speech is still given as an example of what is not appropriate speech material in her class.

  6. The tank part would have been so cool. Although, you are right that is more of a military thing...
    I think you and flyboy had some great ideas and you guys are definitely going to get the eye rolls once your boys get older. haha!

  7. too funny! We too, have a warped sense of humor when it comes to the things we tell our kids. Must come from our parents. One time when I was 6, I came home and asked my dad what he did for a living. It was for a class project, but I think I neglected to tell him that. Dad told me he worked in the salt mines. (He was actually an engineer for Lockheed, lol). Next day my mom got a call from the school asking her if they were aware of the "services" our community offered for the needy/low income.... my dad still tells that story! I think my mother was mortified.

  8. NICE!!! I love the wanted poster and the tank! Trucks are so lame and boring.

  9. very nice, loved reading this one, i wish i could write posts like yours!

  10. Awesome!
    It's posts like this that made me a follower. :)

  11. As a teacher I just have to say I'm laughing hysterically! I love them and he sounds like a fun kid (/parent team) to have in class!

  12. If I kid in my class brought in a poster and said T is for terrorist, I would be forever in love with the child and parents. For- ev- er. Hilarious. I heart you.

  13. Dying of laughter over here!!!

  14. That's hilarious. I think I probably would have voted for the treaty, just for the laughs, but I bet the tank thing would have been good too.

    I am so out of practice with this, the first thing I thought of was Dash-3.

  15. Oh boy..Not sure those would have went over well.

  16. You left us hanging on what was finally decided on for show and tell! lol.

    I laughed so hard! I could just picture the teachers face with the treaty and turtleneck!

  17. The tank piece would have been awesome! I would have sent our kid to school with that. Lord knows how often we're getting requests for hubby to tell stories about being over there from kids not in military installations. They would have loved it!
    On the weird note.. uh... yeah we're all a little kooky and our kids will definitely suffer for it :)


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