Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walmart you're a tease

I was catching up on laundry today, I don't mind doing laundry because its a chore that can be done watching tv. I make my big old king bed, toss a couple of loads on there and sit away and fold. And in case your wondering the older boys are usually getting into some sort of trouble in their playroom and the little one is propped up on the laundry pile supervising.

My tv watching has lead to this post. I would like to take issue with a few things.


First and foremost, W@lmart. I saw your ad wally world with the nifty jingle bells and the checkout lights coming on, all to tell us, the haggard Christmas shopper, that you will have more lines open for the holidays. I remember this same commercial last year. To you, Wally World I have this to say: LIAR!


Quite a few times (ok daily) I found myself in your store and there were only two lines open. And often some stellar employees standing around just staring, I'm sure they were working on fusing atoms or something who knows.

Look I go to W@lmart because of cheap prices, not superior service (and certainly not clean restrooms) but really, don't make something the central point of your ads if you aren't going to deliver. It's just mean.

Although on another note, W@lmart, I saw your ad thanking the troops for helping us all live better.... very nice.

Toss open another lane or two and you will have redeemed yourself in my eyes.

And another commercial. Or two.

First that insurance one with the stack of money with the eyes that follows people around. What idiot came up with that one and how much did they pay him. I'm wondering if his company is hiring. It's about time the dash brothers got a job. And judging from that ad they could work there.

And the Glade candle one. How stupid.

I mean really who is that worried that their friends will find out their candle isn't a designer one. I get it I get it, the whole point is that you can fool people but really, they woman just looks like a ninny. I'd like to think that most of the world has better things going on in their lives to concern themselves with a candle.

Of course I've just blogged about commercials so what's that say about me?

I know I'm leaving out some priceless commercials... feel free to add to the list.......


  1. Unrelated. Do you remember Mentos commercials. Those were the days.

  2. I don't see commercials too much, thank you Tivo.

    I do despise the Caveman commercials.
    It's really not funny to me. At all.
    Then with the spinoff tv show and the music video from Three Doors Down..really, come on??

  3. True story: As I was leaving your blog, I looked up at the TV and saw the stack of money with eyes. That couldn't have worked out any better if I'd tried! :)

  4. I totally agree on that stupid money one!! Just plain dumb!

  5. Einstein and I don't have a TV, so when I watch it (at friends homes, at work, etc) I am mesmerized by commercials.

    And I agree with every word you said. That money crap is ridiculous.

  6. Gosh, I HATE those creepy stalker-money commercials. CREEPY! And what I really hate - the Aflac duck!! Ugh ugh ugh. And yes, the caveman commercials too. Stupid.

    And I just got back from Walmart. They've stopped carrying my brand of margarine. I took it when they reduced the fabric softener selection. I even changed my hair color. But my Country Crock? This means war!! I'll drive the extra 4 miles to Target....maybe....

  7. Sometimes (like right now since I just read that) I wish we got real commercials. Maybe the Dash boys could get that job working for AFN. I bet they could do better than the people making these commercials we get!

  8. How could you forget about "Head On"?! lol

  9. I think our local commericals are the {worst} best. We've got "second amendment heaven" as the slogan for Guns Galore and AND a car commerical that I saw for a local only car dealership both here and at Redstone Arsenal. They have stock commericals those places can buy with orange salespeople with really white teeth! Who knew? Also in AL they had this lawyer who looked exactly like William Shatner. That was so messed up.

    Ah, local commericals...

  10. Wal-mart NEVER has enough lanes open. I HATE it!!!!!

  11. We have no commercials here. Well, we have "commercials" telling me not to joke about bombs at the gate or shake my infant (shit you not).

    Anyway, I agree--W@lmart never has all lanes open around the holidays--maybe, maybe on black Friday but not consistently throughout the season.

  12. hahah....the glade one....lord...I hate that the same lady is in EVERY glade commercial...I swear I should know her name now...

    Me...i'm tired of all the drug seriously with all those side effects...who in their right mind would take any of them?

  13. OK I Definitely think they should bring back some of the old commercials for like a "tribute to the oldies" or something and show all these old commercials for a month!

  14. Glade lady - definitely can do without. Not a fan of that commercial.
    Money commercial I completely agree with as well.
    Febreeze - the one where the grandma comes in and smells everything. Dumb. If my mom ever did that I'd commit her.

  15. Oh and But maybe I'm just bitter because they stole over $200 from me.

  16. All I have to say is.. AMEN! You said it best! :)

  17. I think that glade commercial is ridiculous. And I am so freaking sick of the caveman commercials. Ugh, advertising as a whole is incredibly annoying, in my opinion.

  18. Yeah, I hate the "Gladaaay" commercials. I would never in my wildest dreams worry about passing off a candle as French.

    I also saw the Walmart commercial about the aisles, and I thought the same thing!!

    and I get TIRED of the money commercial. I hate the song!

  19. i'm here b/c i just saw the wallyworld comm'l thanking the troops, which led me to wonder how much that cost them - as near as i can figure, somewhere btw $325 & $625K per 30sec ad - & wouldn't that money be better spent elsewhere? now, i shop walmart & don't figure they're any worse than any other lg corp in terms of employee wages & benefits, community support, etc.; but it rather irks me when these lg corps try to show us how altruistic they are by taking out expensive ads on tv. thank yous are nice, but they don't put food on the table or health ins in the the hands of those who need it or provide support for the troops when they come home from a tough tour of duty, or any other tangible humanitarian gesture.
    just thinkin'...


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