Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ornament swap

Christmas is coming.

Let's here a collective HOLY CRAP!!! I'm seriously lagging. And well.... I figure rather then get my nose to the grindstone I'll find more ways to be less productive around here and do what I enjoy....

Crafting. And everything that is Christmas. {Except standing in lines at w*lmart with a bunch of crazed shoppers. Baking, decorating, crafting = fun all the other stuff = not fun}

Allison is doing a secret santa for us bloggy folks (see the post below for the link) and I'm doing an ornament exchange and a craft exchange and I'm excited. I already have an idea for both. So I figured why not see if anyone else was interested in doing a ornament exchange. I found out about the one I just signed up for it on the last day for signups so why not host one here?

The rules could be simple, everyone is paired with one person, you can email them and check out their blog to get a feel for them and try to figure out what would be cute for them. Or then again you could give them a totally random ornament that you crafted or one from the base your stationed at, endless possibilities folks.

You're all thinkers, I have faith you can figure this out.

But it wont work unless folks are interested. So if you think this would be something you'd like to do leave a comment and if it seems like there are enough interested then I'll put up a clearer post about it in the next day or two.

And folks {ahem} after the post where I asked you all to come out of the woodwork I know there are a fair number of you reading.

Think about it and lets spread some Christmas cheer dammit.


  1. Sign me up! But I plan on getting whoever I get a totally tacky Texas shaped ornament of some sort. Or one of those painted longhorn ornaments that are so popular here. hehehehe. The possabilities ARE endless.

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! As I just found out today at MOPS, there are only 5 Saturdays left between now and Christmas!!

    Sounds like a fun and interesting idea! I'm in!!!

  3. @Allison,

    We are at the same place!!! I just checked your profile, should so go to the TX store in the mall!!

  4. Love this idea! Sign me up for an ornament exchange!

  5. yes please! :) i love Christmas stuff! :)

  6. Sure, that sounds like the perfect distraction from packing and looking for a house. Even though I can't put up a tree (because we'll either be moving, or visiting in TX or throwing up because we have no where to move...sorry, I get sick when I get really upset and nervous, TMI I'm sure) I'm all about ornaments!

  7. I would love to! Just let me know who to send it to! My husband is going to hate me... he thinks we have enough ornaments already!

  8. Oh, I emailed you BEFORE I read this. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. Anyway. I am in.

  9. I might want to do this; whoever I get would be getting some kind of shell creation, however. I'm not the craftiest type of girl and you can't buy ornaments here. But, the shells, they are fantastic. I can easily get a nice conch shell on the beach.


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