Wednesday, November 25, 2009


As you read this we are in the car. Actually I'll take it one further, hopefully we have left our state.

Perhaps we are trying to find something to listen to in the car, I'm sure the boys are peacefully listening to their DVD with their headphones on but flyboy and I its a different story.

I could listen to talk radio allllll day. I *heart* talk radio. (Not to get political but I really *heart* Glenn Beck and Rush) Flyboy likes classic rock.

I DO NOT *heart* classic rock. When I listen to music I like the recent stuff. Not hairbands. And to make it worse he's turning my kids on to that crap.

Hopefully dash-3 is sleeping or at least quietly sucking on his hands. He *hearts* his hands.

Hopefully its an uneventful drive, I could do without nasty weather, horrid traffic, screaming children, vomit, I could really do without vomit. Or explosive poop.

Hopefully dash-1 can go longer then 45 minutes between pee breaks.

{Really I kid you not, despite limiting his liquids the kiddo went to the bathroom EVERY hour on the two day drive to Orlando. He peed more then me and I was pregnant!}

Hopefully no matter how long it takes us to get to flyboy's parents we are able to just relax and enjoy the ride and being together.

Hopefully anyone else who is traveling has safe travels!

And no vomit.


  1. I hate hair bands! I think John listens to spite me. And Jonathan loves his hands and loves to hold a blanket. Safe travels!

  2. Have fun and I hope you make it vomit free. Both ways. Paul hearts talk radio too... except its NPR.

  3. Wow - that's impressive! Have a safe and uneventful trip!!

  4. Greg's already got the Captain listening to Warrant. Aside from the Backyardigans, her favorite song is Heaven. Sigh.

    Hope everyone arrives safely and leaves in the same condition they got there in ;)

    Say hi to the in-law dogs for me.


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