Sunday, November 1, 2009

another halloween bites the dust

Well halloween 2009 is over. Trick or treating last night, even in the rain, went well and the boys had fun. Flyboy had to carry a certain little komodo dragon on his shoulders for a bit but irregardless they all had a blast.

So much fun that I've tossed in a picture. And I'm actually in it! Although in the interest of full disclosure your getting a side view of me because it was the most flattering. Yes I'll be totally honest sometimes I pick out the pic that looks best of me and not the kids. Those little boogers always look cute. And skinny. Damn the young!
Oh and I know dash-2 looks like a dinosaur but trust me... he's a giant lizard.... wearing his uncles old dinosaur costume. Don't tell him he's a dinosaur or he might eat you. As for the astronaut, that's his third year with the same exact costume, just made bigger by grandma.

Really folks, no one out there thought I made the costumes did they? Clearly that would make you a new reader.

One day that boy will be going to space. And all of you can say, "I knew him when he was an itty bitty boy named dash-1. He's that brilliant boy that made up the word butt nostril."

Obviously his brilliance can not be tamed.

In other halloween news, obviously I've turned into an old fart. The giant hoards of obnoxious teenagers drove that fact home for me.

Here's a few of the mrs.' takes on halloween:
- If you are old enough to wear a slutty (insert whatever here, nurse, cowgirl, prisoner, etc) costume you are to old to trick or treat.

- If you are going to go to someones door and beg their candy at least go to the effort of putting on a damn costume. But not the slutty whatever costume. Have some damn self respect.

- I'm sorry but trick or treating, in my opinion, is an activity that is geared more towards kids. That being said, all you obnoxious adults out there who are "supervising" your older kids while smoking, drinking, and collecting candy yourself (yes yes I actually saw this) try not to knock over little kids who have been dreaming of nothing more for the past month. That goes for your "kids" and for you.

That just about covers it.

Again... all in all lots of fun and trust me, the countdown till next year has begun, although dash-1 was singing Jingle Bells in the car today so apparently we are moving right on to Christmas.


  1. Now I have seen photographic evidence I can say.. we *could* be twins. Except my nose is different and I'm probably a head shorter than you but still. TWINS.

    Thank you for finally sharing a picture of yourself! And of course your kids looks awesome. I love the dragon costume. Of course that's not a dinosaur. Everyone knows dinosaurs are, um, brown! Yeah.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! We were saying all the same things last night! Trick or treating is for the little ones. 17 year olds can go get a job and buy their own dang candy.

    Nice to see a picture of you :) And the kids are adorable of course!

  3. Does he also say his butt sneezed when he farts. And if so, do you say bless you? Just adding fuel to the fire.

  4. your kids are so cute! this was our first halloween at our new house and let me say we had a lot of older "kids" too. But the one that took the cake for us and made us turn out the light and shut the door was when a mini van drove up and a woman stepped out with a plastic pumpkin walked up to the door and said "umm, trick or treat". my husband asked her where her little tricker treater was, she then replied, "he didn't want to get out of the car"

  5. Very cute costumes!
    Glad you had a nice time!

    I can't join in your "Yes, Ma'm-ers" though. My take:
    I think Trick or treating should be for all ages. I have no problem giving an adult some candy if they come to my door in a costume :)

    If people were not such jerks I would def. go trick or treating myself. It's the simple things you know. Adults still like Christmas..I happen to like Halloween. I think a lot of people are quick to write off such things that are "childish". I say, WHY?
    If one day of the year it is acceptable to dress up in a silly outift and go collect candy and be friends with your neighbors makes a 17 year old happy (or even a thirty year old) smile/take a break/have some fun, then why the hell not???

    There is so much crap today going on why not take a break, have some fun, and God Forbid..remember your inner child?? People may even remember, during these times, that Life, is really not so bad, and they may even smile a bit :)

    Happy Halloween, regardless.

  6. I have to say I agree, trick or treating is for the little ones.

    And if you're gonna come to the door, at least say thank you!

    Dash-2 is totally growling in this pic. I love it! I need you to send me a closeup of him growling to make me smile when I'm having a bad day. :)

    I'm so stoked that Flyboy was home to do trick or treating with you guys! Yay! :)

  7. Aw! Your kids looked super cute! I'm glad that they were able to have a great time!

  8. I was really surprised to see you in the picture. The boys look great. Or, rather, Dash 2 and 3 look adorable, and Dash 1 has a damn cool costume.

    I tell you what, as soon as I am done with the book, I will mail it back to you. If you don't need it again, maybe you will know somebody else who does.

  9. two of my daughter's 3rd grade classmates (twins, of course) should no longer be allowed to trick or treat. They were the sluttiest pirates I've ever seen...and they are EIGHT YEARS OLD. Seriously, I can't believe the mom let them out. And she didn't supervise them either, so they were out terrorizing the neighborhood. But wasn't home handing out candy either. She was smokin' at the neighbors house. She had the gall to laugh at the kids who kept knocking at her door (she DID have the light on)...she'd then say, "oh, they're not home...because "they" are ME, and I'm over here...NOT handing out candy". (biotch, seriously).

    We had a group of big kids come by, but at least they were dressed up. And I laughed my tushie off when they all screamed like little girls at the house next door - the guy was talking on a microphone and scaring everyone...except my 5 and 8 year old kids! Imagine, 14 year old boys screaming in pitches higher than!

  10. In our first Bahamian Halloween, I found it very interesting that the American teenagers stayed home while there were a plethra of uncostumed Bahamian teens running around getting candy. I can excuse them, however, as they didn't grow up with the tradition. The American teens you speak of, though, I have seen that in the States. My boys will definitely not be allowed to do that when they are that old.

  11. I trick or treated all through high school but i always dressed up and i was never slutty. My husband would never let the girls leave the house like that.

    I dont think the issue is with halloween i think the issue is some teenagers dont have any respect anymore

  12. Colin woke up Sunday and proclaimed, "today is Thanksgiving and the next day is Christmas" . . . if only it was that easy, he-he . . .


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