Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Show n tell anticipation

Dash-1 is excited about show n tell. Remember he gets to sit in the middle of the circle, THE MIDDLE and people HAVE to listen to him. But there is more too it.

There is always more to it isn't there?

He's hoping that the next show n tell will be for the letter H. He already knows what he's going to take in. His hamster ball.

I realize most of you are reading this thinking, wow this is a lame post, I don't see the usual humor and wittiness I have come to expect from the mrs. {or at least I like to tell myself that's what you all are thinking}. So let me clarify a few things.

He wants to take in his hamster ball.


We don't own a hamster.

Again because I could see where this would be a little confusing because who does this.... he owns a hamster ball and NOT a hamster. Are we all following how odd this is?

Although I am the one in charge and technically I did let him buy it. He used his gift card that grandma sent up in his halloween card. {side note when I was a kid my mom used to eat my candy when I was asleep, don't deny it mom we know, and now she's giving out cold hard gift cards?! Talk about a double standard}

So yeah, my kid has a hamster ball and no hamster, but the ball isn't empty. He needed it and I mean NEEDED it in the way a four year old needs anything, to store his bouncy ball collection.

Now he figures he has show n tell covered for B and for H, whichever comes first. What a thinker.

I wonder what his teachers think of us as parents.....


  1. I think it is amazing outside the box thinking for your little child prodigy. I, for one, look forward to show and tell updates. I live vicariously through other people's children.
    But if you do ever get a hamster, where will he hang out, if his ball is full of other balls??

  2. LOL!! I love it. I think it is fabulous. I love the way kids can be so fun and wacky.

  3. He's got B and H covered? That is a forward thinker you're growing there.

  4. Your son ROCKS!!! Just FYI... If you want to know what he will grow up into- meet my husband! :)

  5. ah... he can use the "b" for the BALL, and maybe Santa can get him a hamster for the "h" day, and then he will get to show it off TWICE!

  6. Haha I love it. He's a kick ass kid.

  7. as a teacher...i would think he is absolutely adorable and has brilliant parents! i hate rodents but having the hamster ball to play with is precious!

    that's a story he'll tell his kids one day!

  8. I personally want to meet Dash1, and my husband says, "thats the future leader of the free world. He's a smart kid!" You very well may have the smartest little boy on the face of the planet...

  9. hahahaha..This kid comes up with the craziest stuff. I swear he will end up taking over the world with a screwdriver, some yarn and leftover pot roast.
    He's the next McGuyver. :)

  10. I love it...thinking outside the box! OR, um, ball.


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