Monday, November 23, 2009

That kinda weekend

It's been that kinda day.... for the past few days.

I'm actually thankful its Monday. Weekends when flyboy is away have a weird feel to them, Monday brings back our routine, as back and forth as that maybe.

This weekend we kept ourselves plenty busy, but it still seems off when he's not around. Like they know he should be here but isn't. Hard to explain. {And you'd think we'd be used to it by now} Just different.

And for some reason no one wants to sleep around here. Dash-2 has been up till 9:30 trying to bat his little puppy eyes at me so I'd let him sleep with me, doesn't work, {ok it works for a little bit} and then dash-3 figures that sleeping till four in the morning was getting old. Let's change it up some. Like waking every two hours.

But while we were up we got a lot accomplished...time at the park, although we all remember how that went, walks outside since it was the first weekend without rain in forever and crafting of ornaments.

{Handmade dash-3's footprint}

{A super simple reverse painted glass ball. I *heart* super simple crafts.}

Oh and we made some cookies.

Very cute cookies I might add.

I follow directions pretty well, too well sometimes that I drive myself crazy. I signed up for cookies at dash-1's preschool, it said thanksgiving cookies, I couldn't find a turkey cookie cutter so I had to figure something out. I couldn't just send in plain old cookies.

I'm thankful that {fingers crossed since I haven't heard from him} flyboy should be home this week but honestly.... I'm more thankful that its Monday.


  1. I love your turkey cookies! They are awesome! And the Dash-3 footprint ornament, precious.

    Keeping my fingers crossed about flyboy coming home. Unless you want me to keep them crossed that you don't have to visit your in-laws. :-p

  2. Those cookies look so yummy!!! I hope you can get to sleep early tonight!

  3. Aww such cute pictures! I love all the ornaments. How did you make the glass ball painted ones?

  4. I love how kids know their Dad is gone and play the game let's mess with Mom's sleep schedule.

    Love all the crafts you did! Those cookies are super cute too.

  5. Move over Martha Stewart! Everything looks great!

  6. Those are super cute cookies. Horray for busy weekends. This weekend I.. hmm.. well, I'm glad your's was busy.

    Baby sleep sucks. Little kid sleep sucks too. I just want everyone to sleep for 10 hours at a time.

  7. Super adorable cookies!!! So creative, I would have ended up sending plain boring cookies. And super cute ornaments. How do you do the glass ornaments?

  8. Hmmmm...we might need to make some of those cookies. They are adorable. Is it just held on with frosting?

    My kids are off all week. I think they should have gone today and tomorrow to make up for those two days they missed. I need to run the world.

  9. Where on earth did you find the plain ornaments to put the footprint on?? I had to make my own and they didn't come out so well!haha

  10. OMG HOLLY HOMEMAKER!!! I love the Turkey cookies!

  11. Love all the crafts! Inspires me to get the kids going on some!

  12. Those cookies are adorable! How did you make 'em?

  13. I may just have to steal your idea for the ornaments. They are soooo cute! And so are the cookies!!

  14. Those are adorable cookies!! I think maybe there's a Martha Stewart hiding inside of you :)

  15. SUPER cute cookies!!!
    I love those guys.

    Also, I like the little dash three ornament. :)

    You are one busy lady it sounds :)

  16. I cant get my ornament to work :( i wish i was as crafty as you


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