Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday randomness and pictures (even of the flyboy)

Some random things that need to be addressed....

* my laptop, I'm sad to report, has bit the dust so to say. It had a nice run, it was flyboy's old one that we got before his first deployment waaaaaaaay back in the day seven years ago. Apparently it just wasn't meant to fall two feet and bounce back anymore. Sadly until I replace I will no longer be blogging in my jammies from my bed.

{sigh} that sucks.

And for those who were wondering which of the dash brothers just {might} have had something to do with this little fellow my darling dash 2.
* Allison at I heart change is doing a blogger secret santa. Sounds delightful right? Go over and check it out she's got the details and the sign up. Click here!

* At S*m's Club today I saw the biggest dbag in the parking lot. Well I didn't see them but I saw their car. Everyone saw it or rather noticed it.

They parked half in a spot that wasn't even a spot. It was the cart return but yet they just helped themselves and had their car hanging out half in the aisle. I'm puzzled as to what their thought process was.

"Hey here's a great spot, I mean only half the car will fit in it and it's filled with carts, and there is a sign that says something about a cart return here but surely they weren't talking about me. They probably put all that up to throw everyone else off the scent and to save this great spot for me. Yeah that's it...."

And in case you were wondering, no, no the parking lot was not even half full.

* People a couple houses up the street got a memory foam mattress. I don't know them and I don't know why they got it but I saw the box by the side of the road and I wanted to pass on the knowledge to you guys.

I'm a sharer what can I say.

* Oh and the picture of flyboy I promised in the title.

Trust me he's there. He's the big one they are jumping over. That's my boys in their natural state.... wrestling.

* Last week young dash 1 had to have a tooth pulled. His front tooth to be exact. His front tooth that we had already spent several hundred dollars on. But there was a chip and nothing more could be done so out it went.

He's smiling now but trust me. It was traumatic. And of course.... flyboy was away.


  1. Cute kids!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and people in parking lots crack me up.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it make pretty babies! Sorry about the laptop. That's always annoying.

  3. Beautiful babies!!! You need to have more. :)

  4. I really hope someone keyed that jerks car...

    And, I agree that your kids are adorable!

  5. Oh my Dash-2... How can you be so cute, yet so crazy?

    Oh please oh please oh please let me be your gift recipient for Blogger Santa! You don't even have to spent money on postage to send me Dash-3 -- I will pick him up during my Christmas visit!

    And yes I will let you know ASAP what my Christmas visit dates are so we can hang out again. I will bring my snow boots!

  6. They're adorable. But you can't count it as a picture of flyboy if you can only see the top three inches of his head. LOL!

    I'll email you about the coupons.

    And your laptop suicided for the greater good. Now you can ask for the new mini laptop from HP that has 130 Gs space and a dvd burner but still is only 400 dollars.

  7. Look at those cutie patootie little boys! The baby is already getting so big. Wow!

  8. I hate people who park in two spots...and it is always SUV's or ginormous trucks. However that parking job you saw had me speechless.

    Loved the pictures of your boys being boys!

  9. I think I started to twitch when my laptop died... Daniel brought it back to life but it (I) wasn't pretty.

    I sure miss the sound of Daniel wrestling with the kids. Soon-ish!

    Dash-1 and Judah have matching smiles! :)


  10. What a loser! Who parks their car like that?!?!?!

  11. The dash chil'ren are so stinkin' cute!

  12. 1) You should ask your neighbors how they like their mattress. I'm dying to know if it's really all it's talked up to be. Better yet, just knock on the door and ask for a nap. I'm sure you need one!

    2) Why does it seem like perfectly sane people lose their brains when driving? Seriously? In front of the cart return?

    3) Once again, those boys are SO DANG CUTE!

  13. Sorry about your laptop, its upsetting when your computer quits working, especially when your trying to find a job and you were using it to type resumes, cover letters, etc.

    While I know all of them are awnry, your boys are cute!

  14. Your kids are so cute!

    I don't think people have patience anymore...LOL. At least not in parking lots.

  15. You have such cute kids!

    Sorry about your laptop.

  16. Okay...I have a lot of rando comments on this: Here goes:

    Number one/a: The secret blogger santa sounds fun :)
    I would like to do it but I only know you around these parts :)

    Number two/b:Sorry about your laptop. That sucks. You could ask Santa for one :)

    Number three/c:Have you even started Xmas shopping? I have not even thought about it. I'm not feeling it this year.

    Number four/d: Dash 1 looks incredibly adorable with his tooth missing :)

    Number five/e: Good to know about memory foam mattresss :) I laughed out loud when I read that :)

  17. stinks about your lap top i would give you my old one but you have to hold it a certain way bc if the power cord comes out then it shuts off.

    I love Dash 1s mouth he looks cute and you can tell him i said that. Dash 3 has gotten so big

    miss you

  18. Just had to pop in and say that your newest one is so cute!

    Not that the rest of them aren't, of course ;)

  19. You had me laughing as usual. :D The boys are so cute. Hope Dash-3 is treating you well. Must say, I'm in total awe - still trying to figure out how to juggle one little tyke over here and maintain my sanity. LOL

  20. You have the CUTEST boys!!! Love it when you post pics of them. Dash 1 is rocking the snaggletooth.


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