Saturday, July 5, 2008

Whats that spell?

Yesterday was kinda a washout sort of day here. Yucky weather for most of it so we spend the day doing what any red blooded American would.... running errands. We went by Sam's where Dash-1 had to go potty. Since flyboy was with us the little one actually got to use the men's room. After what happened I think I may just keep taking him in the women's room.

Apparently he started reading the wall in the bathroom and it went a little like this. "I see letters. F-U-C" You get where it was headed.

Then he walked all around Sam's club telling us what letters he saw in there. I tried to get him to point out the letter's in the produce or meat department. We even bought him a book to keep him occupied. But no go. He preferred to tell us the letters he saw in the stall.

I hope he forgets that before school starts this fall.


  1. hahaha! I student taught First Grade, and they always knew when they heard a 'bad word' at home/out and about...and LOVED to repeat it, so we would inevitably get other heated parents calling like, "Where did Johnny pick this up from?". Yikes. It is pretty funny to watch adults try to keep kids from saying those words - its like they KNOW how uncomfortable it makes you, so clearly they stick to those special three or four letters. Good luck with him forgetting that one!

  2. Laughter and mouth gaping aside, I'm proud of him for recognizing his letters :) Trust me, I know the perils of learning things so I only make light of it because I'm there. I'm right there with you.

    Happy belated 4th to all of you.

  3. Oh my god - forgive me for laughing at your plight, but that's sooo funny!

    Some very ornery friends of my childhood babysitter taught me to swear over a long weekend once. My mom reprogrammed me with nursery rhymes, and I'm told they couldn't take me to church for 3 weeks! :-p

  4. We wonder why we ever teach them to speak, or read ;)
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

  5. hehehe! Gotta love those little minds at work!

  6. oh, no...

    not good.

    I hope he forgets really soon, too!

  7. Ha ha! Oh my! Not good..hopefully he'll forget that soon. That wouldn't be a great word to bust out the first day of school.

  8. Oh boy....I see a parent-teacher conference in your future...ha ha ha!! Hysterical story! I even love the way you tried to distract him by buying him a book!

  9. Oh no he'll remember that one. Yup they always do. I thought about you on the plane ride I just took with the kids. I was much more relaxed this time around thanks.

  10. Oh that is hilarious!! My little niece just started picking up on repeating everything she hears. Five hours after she hears it, she will randomly repeat it to my sister in law bringing her to near laughter or tears depending on the content. Kids are hilarious :)

  11. Wouldn't that make for an exciting first impression at school! :)

    Public restrooms can be so filthy!

    I know it's bad, but this post made me giggle :)



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