Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CDC rant

I'm mildly irked. Shocking right? But no seriously, I called the CDC on base today to find out what I would need to get the boys registered so I could use the hourly care as an option when I'm flying solo.

My boys are my posse but it would be nice to go to the gynecologist by myself.

Really I don't have big plans for any possible alone time I might get from this I just need some backup for when flyboy is either gone for long times or his schedule changes on a dime and I'm left in a lurch.

So I call down to the army post (45 min away) where everything is for us Marine families stationed here in Siberia (it often seems like that to a lot of us) and where we are go to the doctor (read: the command will not authorize anyone to get an outside doctor). I get some info on the hourly care program. First off you can book up to a month out and apparently the day the slots are opened up you can barely get thru and they usually all go the first day.

Wow if only they could get on board with the appointment line at the hospital down there. Cause I can never get an appointment 30 days out. That would be too simple. Usually I call and they tell me that the schedule isn't out yet and then give me three random appointment times the next day to choose from. It doesn't seem to matter when in the month, year, day I call, this always happens. Its bizarre really.

So the lady at the CDC said that some spots do open up thru out the month so it never hurts to call. So there is hope.

I asked about the waiting list and what the priority ladder was. Normal question I thought. Oh there isn't one. Military and civilians alike for hourly care, no prioritizing and no difference in the rate charged either. WHAT?! And she added, "Act fast they nab the slots up." I wish she hadn't added that, it only pissed me off more.

Maybe I'm being snooty or something, I know that civilian employees keep the military running but come on this is a military base. Am I so out of line to think that we should maybe get first pick at stuff like this?

I need a little help when my husband is flying his arse off for Uncle Sam for weeks sometimes months at a time. Really when you start to think that going to the grocery store, PX, and gyno's by your lonesome is special "me" time I think that's when you NEED the hour slots at the CDC. If I can't get a spot because other military folks have taken them then oh well, but to lose spots to civilians isn't right. It's not an equal playing field in my mind.

I know a civilian who has her kids in the CDC. She thinks its fabulous cause its so convenient for her and so darn cheap. Yeah she makes more then flyboy and her husband makes an TON more. Her family lives close by and she even uses the CDC during the summer (she's a teacher on post) and on the weekends. Good to see that the CDC is helping those who really need it.

In the flyboy house we seem to ALWAYS get surveys from the DOD. I don't know why. I don't know why we keep getting them, its not like we are ever to one extreme on them or the other. But let me tell you the next one I get I'm unleashing about the CDC. You want to make moral a little higher.... well.... I know my husband has to be gone a lot, I understand that really it ends up being A WHOLE LOT, I don't mind that when gas is $4.25 I have to drive 45 minutes to the doctors, really I don't.

I get all that stuff, but here's what y'all could get, if you want to make my moral higher, THROW US A BONE! Give us a little priority here and there on a military base. Bitchy maybe, but it would make life a little easier.

God, I just want to get a pap smear alone.....


  1. That would irk me too!
    There isn't a CDC near me (that I know of), but if it's on post, military families should have some priority, or there should be a limit or something if you're not.
    I'm thinking from a civilian point-of-view (I'm 99% that, even when my husband was deployed), and I still think it isn't fair.
    I hope you DO get another DOD survey.

    I've brought the kids to the gyno before, NOT fun... one was strapped into the stroller facing the other way, and the other one was behind me , coloring. Luckily, one was in school at the time.
    I hope you can find somewhere the kids can go so you can have your "me" time :)

  2. That's not cool! That would irritate me. You would think they'd give military first pick, since it is a base and all and most of the clientele is military. They ought to make special allowances for those whose other half is gone a lot.

    That sounds really obnoxious. I hope you get something soon. I'd volunteer to watch your boys because I think yours and mine would get along quite well...but I live on the other side of the country. No dice there :-/

  3. Understandably frustrating. Not that civilian employees shouldn't be able to use the facility, but just get in line people!

    Just another reason I feel guilty doing our grocery shopping at the commissary. I feel like I have a giant stamp on my forehead saying "DOES NOT BELONG".

    I just keep reminding myself, that the groceries are for *R* too, and he does belong, so it's okay. Right? RIGHT?

  4. That seems pretty ignorant to me. You would think you guys have priority since it is a Military Base. I would be frustrated as well.

  5. That's wrong on so many levels. First off, military should ALWAYS have priority. Second off, civilians should NOT be allowed to use the CDC...what's next? PX and Commissary privileges? Heck, the Guard and Reserve folks just finally got the right/privilege to use the commissary more than 24 times a year not too long ago. The CDC is supposed to be military first.

    As for the GYN, I know that we are NOT allowed to have kids in our appointments. They must be in the OUTSIDE waiting room WITH supervision (or not there at all). I've had to beg and plead with neighbors, and have, on occasion, walked into my hubby's office with my son so that HE could watch him for that hour. Bleh.

    I HATE the CDC. I hated that you had to pay $30 a year PER KID to register them, in order to do ANYTHING that revolved around Child Services (sports, outings, hourly care, etc). We have an option here of using the Armed Forces YMCA for child care, and while it's actually further away, I prefer my son to be there rather than the CDC. Seriously.

    And what's with the command not allowing outside care? We have that same issue here? If we go "out" we have to drop to Tricare Standard and pay all out of pocket stuff....SO not right.

  6. That is beyond ridiculous! I agree! What the heck? I have had to take my kids to the Gyno - NOT fun!

  7. Rant away! And leave them an ICE comment, if they have them. As to why you get those DOD surveys (we get them, too), I figure they keep sending them to those who actually fill them out.

  8. Civilians utilizing the programs for military families... don't even get me started on that one. It may sound terrible, but MILITARY programs should be for MILITARY families only.

    I get flamed for that point of view a lot. But it is seriously irritating, the situation you are in.

  9. I didn't even know civilians could use the CDC at all! Oh man, that's gonna annoy me now too. Isn't there anything left that's still a unique benefit just for active duty military members??

  10. I had to laugh at your description of making an appointment; that is so what happens to me all the time! Who are these people taking up all the appointments the instant they open up? I HATE that system so much!

    I thought about using the hourly care here, but now it sounds kind of icky...Disappointing. And civilians can use it? That is some serious crap there. Since when should civilians get to use what is clearly a military benefit? Maybe the employees could have access to unused slots, but that's it. Just my 2 cents.


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