Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kids are funny little creatures

Aren't they?

I post a long blog about how they never listen, I call bitter betty to lament about my failings in motherhood and then what do you know. The next morning they wake up on the other side of the bed and are angels for the past few days.

Man they know how to screw with your head. Take you to your breaking point in sanity, then pull it back just to make you think your going nuts.

Bitter betty and I did indeed go out on Saturday. It was great, we decided to go on a mini adventure and drove out to Henderson Hall to explore the exchange there since I had never been. We took a few detours, stopped for some chickfila, and shopped as only we know how. That means balking at the price (19.00 bucks), standing there and debating the merits of it and if its necessary (it was a bra), then getting it and feeling guilty about it. Really she's the only person I know how shops like I do. Maybe she's an enabler I don't know.

Any who the boys were great with my parents. I should say that my parents love to babysit the boys and are always so willing to do so. They take them for an hour here or there while I'm down so I knew they were capable, but the boys had just been so... spirited, shall we say, lately that I was worried about leaving them for such a long chunk of time. And I hate, hate, hate, feeling like I'm taking advantage of them.

But would you know that when they took them to lunch someone actually came over to the table to compliment them on how well behaved they were? They were angels.


I realized something too. The problem is perhaps.... well not so perhaps... it is partly my fault.


I have horribly high expectations for them. I want so hard to have such well behaved kids that I tend to stress about it and forget what they should be acting like at their respective ages. I blame being high strung and working in a school. I know what bad kids are like, I know what people think about them and think about their parents. Oh I don't want that to be me. So I try so hard to keep them reigned in that I forget to let them just be.

Note to self. To enjoy motherhood more and to raise kids who will visit regularly and send flowers on mothers day... RELAX some.

If only relaxing were a strong suit of mine.....


  1. Yay, I'm so glad to hear you went out! And I hear you on remembering what age they are; I have to remind myself this a lot when it comes to Wyatt. Sometimes, he's really just three, not 30! But that's so hard to remember when they drive you nuts.

  2. I'm glad you got your time out/away. My son is only 13 months and he's the same way; I'll call my mom to tell her I'm going crazy, that I can't take it anymore...and then he's all sweet and lovable. Go figure.


  3. OK IM relaxing too relax relax...nope cant do it must stop son from dancing on baby

  4. Good for you! I have that same problem about relaxing about the kids. My mom says we expect too much from the girls and I probably am too strict. But like you said, no one wants to be "those" parents. Let's keep reminding each other to relax and enjoy the kids more. They'll be fine, especially if we hold onto our sanity!

  5. HA! Telling us to relax is like asking someone to move the earth :)
    You forgot the bit about the boating store shopping trip :)
    I had a blast! I love adventuring with you and I'm up for it anytime!

  6. Your boys sound very much like mine, and we likely sound the same from across the yard too. (grin) So glad you got some get-out-girly time too.


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