Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was worried about my weight obsessivelly while I was home. Obviously I managed to push the fear of gaining out of my mind just long enought to stop by chick-fil-a a few times but all was not lost.

I weighted in yesterday and actually some was lost but thats the point. So all my fears aside I still lost a pound and a half on vacation. Althought that hasn't stopped Dash-1 from grabbing a (granted smaller) love handle and saying "I dont like that jiggly mommy".

As I type this I am wearing a pair of jeans I haven't fit into in almost 7 months. Its a better feeling then finding five bucks in your pocket. Of course its going to be in the 90's today so I dont know why I'm hanging around in my jeans.

As much as I would kill for a chick-fil-a here up north, if one ever makes its way up here... I'm screwed.


  1. I've been struggling with my weight too. I have been on Atkins, and lost 16 pounds so far.

    But I'm still not happy, its not my goal.

    I am chunky, I've been this way since I was a child.

    My goal is to lose 44 more. I hope I can do it

  2. Good job! It's so hard to not gain weight on vacation- it's really impressive that you lost.

    My daughter just recently noticed for the first time that I'm fat. Talk about a motivator!

  3. All I can say is, Hooray!

    (and I'd totally be wearing the jeans, too, weather be damned)

  4. Wahoo! Good for you :) It feels good to be in smaller clothes, doesn't it? Our weather isn't nearly as warm as yours, but I wear my jeans when it's 80 degrees because they're a smaller size than I've been since I can remember. It's a great feeling!

  5. i don't care if it's hot sister, wear the jeans!!

    and walk proud :)

  6. Congrats!

    I'm with Amanda, wear those jeans and shake what your momma gave ya!

    I went through the whole diet/excercise thing this spring and lost 20 pounds. Could I stand to lose 10 more? Sure...but really... I'd rather be full and happy than hungry and skinny.

  7. Congrats!! That totally rocks, and wear those jeans, weather be damned!

  8. OMG, when I moved back up north, I missed Chick-Fil-A and then we moved to NH and there was one there. I was done. LOL I'm glad we don't live there any more, I'm just far enough away not to be tempted to drive there.

    Enjoy that svelte body of yours and those jeans. Screw the weather!

  9. I go today and I am slightly anxious.... :(
    You are doing so well! Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you and you look GREAT!!

  10. You lost on vacation! I awlways gain about 5 pounds.

  11. I totally understand the fear and love of chick-fil-a. I'm so glad that you have lost so much so quickly. Congrats!


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