Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a quick question

If the line says 20 items or less and its a looooong line....

And you have 78 items in your cart (not that I had the time to count or anything)....

Why would you be in that line??!

Just one day I want to see the Walmart checkout person put their foot down. "I'm sorry ma'am your an idiot. The sign clearly says 20 items or less. You have oh lets see. Wow, 78. You're really stupid for wasting every ones time. You're going to have to go to that long line way over there. Thanks and really, have a great day."

My respect for them would know no bounds after something like that.


  1. What you do is start counting their items one by one as they put them on the belt. Just so they know you are aware they are in the wrong line. My dad's friend did this one time and embarassed the offender greatly.

  2. Unfortuately saying that to a customer would fall under "bad customer service." As the saying goes the customer is always right. I do wish there were exceptions for cases such as this.

  3. Oh - I HATE THAT!!!! I think that falls under the growing movement of " I am way more important than you" Seriously... nobody has common courtesy anymore.

  4. I think the only answer to this is that people are stupid.

    I do wish that they could say to people that they won't be rung up if they exceed the limit of items.

  5. So obnoxious!! I was trying to go through the self-check last week, and the woman in front of me had THREE carts full of stuff. Oh my word, I almost flipped!!

  6. When I worked at Walmart, we had to check out a person in the 'Speedy Checkout' no matter how many items they had.

    I always hated it when they would bring a huge cart full of stuff up to the ones that just had the counter and not even the belt, with the three rotating bags instead of 6.

    People are morons.

  7. When I was a cashier - many moons ago - I was working the express lane. I had this big beefy woman and her family, get in line with a full basket. I was one of the fastest cashiers, so I started checking her out and when I got close to being done, there was a long line. I politely let her know that this was the express lane and in the future would she please use the bigger registers for a full load of groceries.

    She started yelling at me saying I wasn't doing anything so she didn't see why I couldn't check her out - which I was doing something. I never stood still at work. She later called my manager and complained about me, but after I told my side, they agreed with me that I handled it correctly. I think she just yelled because I embarrassed her, which I didn't mean too. She was also a state trooper so she acted like I stepped all over her authority or whatever. I think that was the first time I ever got so mad that I actually started shaking!!

    So I don't like people who do that either - and the ladies at our commissary are not shy about telling you to go to the other lines if you have more than 20 items. I always make sure that I count mine so they can't make me leave!!!

  8. amen!!

    take your basket of overflowing goodies and hit the next aisle over!!

  9. Ughh...Walmart is notorious for that...and its an "entitlement issue". I always make sure that dont do that...even if I am one item over..because I usually have the person behind me give me the dirtiest look. And you know what gets still get the dirty look even if you are under the 20 items or less.

    Look I do feel for the guy that want to by one bottle of water and is in the express 20 or less lane and is stuck behind the guy with exactly 20 items.

    Usually I just tell the person to go ahead of me if they have one item.

    Overall though...customer service has def gone down.

    Damn Walmart....Its a love hate relationship with them for me. I cannot beat their prices on items...and I like Target much better..but in todays economy price is a factor...but you have to put up with walmart though!!!!

  10. I agree with Erika...bad customer service...but while I would be busy ticking off one stupid customer, I'd make the other 200 people in the store MUCH happier!!

    Yeah, I worked at Wally-world for 3 years...we hated customers like that, but liked our paychecks enough to restrain ourselves...

  11. May I please be there when this takes place... please!

    It ticks me off.


  12. Oooohh...I HATE that!

    People are stupid.

  13. If I am in line behind someone like that the clerk will not have to say anything to them, I will do it.

  14. I hate this almost as much as I hate bad cart etiquette. It's the same people who stand in the middle of the aisle to have a conversation with Bobby Sue while you're trying to get around the other idiot who has their cart sideways, that can't count. Those same peope then proceed outside and leave their cart in front of your car, despite the buggy return that's a whole ten feet away! Ugh! That's the sacrifices we have to make for shopping at Walmart though.

    *sidenote, I do agree that all military uniforms are hot, athough I'm biased towards the Marines. Nice to find another Marine wife!*

  15. don't even want to get me started on Wal-Mart check out lines! I pretty much avoid that place like the plague...I make my husband go for me. haha!

  16. lol! this is a great post. I hate it when people do this! I totally agree someone should say something. It's just so rude to get in the express lane w/ too many items!


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