Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big plans

I have big plans today.

I need to go weight in, you can sense my excitement after vacation cant you. Then I head down to the big post to do stuff there. I need to get some forms from the CDC, despite living 45 min away they wont mail them to me, so I get to go park, lug both little ones out of the car seats, into the CDC to pick up TWO forms and then lug them back in the car seat. Its not that I'm lazy but anyone with kids knows that if you take them out and put them right back in they revolt. In a big ugly way.

Then its off to the hospital to drop off forms to get filled out for nursery school and perscriptions from the allergiest. Of course first I have to see if they even carry them. He always has kinda off the wall stuff for a kid so rarely do they have it. I should just take it to target and cut out the middle man.... I'll think about that on my drive.

Then its off to the Burger King in the PX to feed the little ones. The promise of a happy meal is what lures them out of the house for this adventure and is usually the most peaceful part of the trip. Unless I hit it right at 12 then its a sea of cammies and other screaming toddlers.

Then the commissary. That should be a blast. It will fall right during dash-2 naptime, by that point he'll be so cranky he wont want to stay in the cart and will most likely fuss the whole time. I'll probably get stuck behind a retiree from WW1 who will take all day in the check out. (Mantra, one day that will be me, one day that will be me, nice thoughts, nice thoughts.)

I have a feeling I know how this day will end, but I must press on. I wish we lived close enough to just do one or two things down there instead of trying to fit it all in. It may not seem like much but with two little ones, anything is a lot sometimes!

If you dont see any future post then the day probably didn't go well and I'm curled up in the fetal position in the freezer section.


  1. I feel your pain. When we first got to Korea, we lived almost 2 hours from our nearest base, Osan AFB. If I had to go alone with the girls in the middle of the week, it usually meant a trip to the clinic for them, the post office, the BX, and the commissary. And maybe the library thrown in, too. It was ugly. The oldest was 4 and the youngest not even 1 yet. And once we got caught in an almost-blizzard driving home. Fun times!

  2. Sounds like a blast. I hate when I feel like I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. Good Luck my dear..good luck..

  3. Good luck today. I hate shopping with my kids. It always starts out fine and then someone is in tear by the end (usually me).

    Of course we can be bloggy friends even if you love your George.

  4. I do not envy you one bit. I remember, with absolutely NO fondness, having to cart 2 kids everywhere. The military, in their infinite wisdom, does NOT care about the family, even though we have the Family (with capital F, like it's supposed to be's more likely STUPID Army legacy-making: the Soldier and his Family are important....)

    That's why I detest summers...I have 2 kids to deal with and all my errands STILL need to be done. Can't wait till they're both in school full time....

  5. wishing you much luck today friend!!

    thanks for the heads up though about where to find you - i wouldn't have thought to look in the freezer section :)

  6. ah good luck today! That place can get crazy! And you always make me laugh! Hope to hear an update later and not that we have to send someone to the freezer section looking for you!

  7. What a day! I hope you get to cross everything off your list!


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