Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm over the green hype

Some of you around the blog sphere have been getting flowers and sweet gifts from your loves. I can't remember when I last got flowers but my sweet flyboy did send me something this morning. It was a link to a blog article discussing Algore and his green hypocrisy. He knows me so well.

As the green guru goes around to tell us little folks what more we should be doing for the environment his personal energy consumption went up by 10 percent this year.

I feel like I should preface this with letting y'all know that as the email was sitting in my inbox I was actually getting the trash ready to take to the dump. I'm not some anti-enviromentalist. I was sorting out all our recycling and putting the compost pile aside to go out. We do what we can around here, we recycle everything, even the little plastic thingy you pull back on the fruit cups. Food scraps go in the compost pile as do lawn clippings and weeds. We switched over to the overpriced compact florescent bulbs, only to have to replace three in one lamp already. For a household of four people we are down to one bag of trash a week. Top that gore.

I'm so tired of having green shoved down my throat by celebrities who's carbon footprint is 200 times what mine is. I mean Sheryl Crow was on to something when she suggested that we all wear clothes with detachable dining sleeves so we wouldn't have to use napkins but she does also tour around the country in some big ass tour buses so are detachable dining sleeves really going to do squat. And don't we already have something like that... cloth napkins?

I think that for the most part normal, everyday Americans are trying their best. Doing their darndest to make some small impact, I don't need celebs telling me how I could be doing more when they are doing less.

Go suck it hollyweird. I have recycling to tend to and some cow poop to sling on the compost heap.


  1. I got a call from a survey company wanting to survey me about our company's electric provider. I was a bit baffled: we turn our lights on it works. We don't pay the bill, they don't. Anyway, I muddled through her survey and then she asked me about global warming. You're kidding me right? She asked me to tell her, "in my own words," my thoughts on global warming. Bullshit crept through my lips without me even thinking about it. She asked me would I please be willing to rephrase it as she didn't think she wanted to submit that answer. I told her I would correct my thought. I told her I thought it was complete and utter bullshit and I was pissed that Al Gore beat out a true humanitarian for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Just so you know, your fancy dancy lightbulbs are canceled out by the gas the barnyard babies emit after you and the dashes feed them fruits and veggies. :) hee hee

    Happy Friday!

  2. I never understand this stuff, either. I mean, I've always done things like keep the toaster unplugged if it isn't in use, not leaving lights on in rooms nobody's in, and that whole shutting off the water while you're brushing your teeth. But when Cameron Diaz tells me that I need to flush my toilet less often? I just want to punch somebody.

  3. my personal favorite is when celebrites tell the public they should walk/bike/carpool/bus to work.. and then get into a private jet and fly all over the place. and they seriously want me to believe that i am more responsible for global warming than they are. they need to shut their trap and fly coach.

  4. Ha! Agreed. That whole Earth Live concert they did was complete BS as well. Rock stars with their giant tour buses and giant trucks to carry equipment and jetting over seas...Hmm...what??

    A bunch of hypocrites..the whole lot of them.

  5. hi L ~

    amen sister! and your last line just made me **giggle** out loud. hehehe. thanks, kathleenybeany :)

  6. Yup. I agree. The whole "green fad" is annoying. We were recycling 10 years ago before it was popular. Give me my gold star please :P

    We should all do our part for the environment- but really, when people (famous people particularly) get all high and mighty/pushy/on the rampage about it it just turns me off.

  7. I agree that it is just a fad. It is a fad just like it was popular to adopt foreign kids last year and like it is a fad to have babies this year. I hate celebrities and their hypocrisy.

    I hadn't heard the term 'hollyweird' before. It makes me laugh.

  8. Haha! Funny!

    I'm all about being "green" and I try to do things as naturally and organically as I can, mostly for health reasons, but I also get SOOOOOO mad at these stupid celebs telling the little people what to do.

  9. It is a good point about celebrities...I try to be green for both the environment and also for the health of my family, but it is ridiculous that someone who flies by private jet and then gets picked up in a flotilla of armored SUVs lectures to me about my lifestyle.

    Thanks for stopping by An Army Wife's Life, BTW!

  10. again, another reason why you and I are bloggy soul mates: hatred of al gore and his green mania! I love the earth and recycle and what not, but I hate the high horse he rides on with it!
    Whew, sorry. Had to get that off my chest

  11. I Sooo agree with you on this! Way to go! Every little bit helps! That is how I look at it! We all do what we can!


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