Thursday, July 10, 2008

Could it be?

That I have nothing witty to say?

Oh whats happening to me? Could it be a certain adorable 19 month old who has recently taken to waking up at 5:30 and napping only after a heck of a fight? I'm gonna go with yes on that. I have tried everything. I've put him down early, put him down late, made the room cooler, darker, run them ragged outside, given nice "calming" baths with calming stories before bed. Phew just the list makes me tired.

Dare I say I have tried it all. But my little dash-2, my darling little one is content to wake up early and be up as late as he can make it. He and his brother are running circles around me. Not the best time to cut down my caffeine but I have faith that this is a stage and soon enough he will be sleeping longer.

I hope you all can wait a little for my wit to come back. Surely something will provoke a rant or something.


  1. Heh, I'm in my own struggle with my youngest right now about sleep. He WILL NOT nap! The kid is 9 months old! Don't all babies nap? Eesh, he's driving me crazy, especially since he's completely exhausted right now and crying every time we put him down. But will he sleep? Nope. Wyatt was such a great sleeper I'm feeling lost. So I hear you! Right now I feel like I could fall asleep myself sitting up.

  2. Wow, now I'm feeling extra special that you've had time to come by and comment lately!

    Good luck! Maybe as the days get shorter he will start to sleep later and get tired earlier? I will send him all the sleepy vibes I emanate during the late afternoon at work. :-p

  3. I sympathize... punkin gets up most days between 6 and 630.. no matter how late she stays up.

  4. Im so with you. S gets up every two hours and has now taken to waking up her brother. I put one down the other is up and on and on.....

  5. The Little Mister has been waking up between five and six...but after a bottle he goes back to sleep. Too bad *I* can't go back to sleep...

  6. dear little dash 2 -

    please sleep in and take an extra long nap for your mommy and her bloggy friends.

    we miss her in bloggy world.


    ps - good luck!


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