Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just in case you were wondering

My children are driving me nuts.

I love them dearly, with all my heart and then some. But that being said. They are driving me nuts.

Nuts I tell you.


  1. Thanks for the reminder why I'll want to enjoy married life (after it finally rolls around) for a good long while before introducing any tiny family members. :-p

  2. You, too? Glad it's not just mine sending me to the loony bin.

  3. I think that's their job... or at least that's what they are really good at.
    That's why they are made soooo cute :)

  4. Punkin is having one of her days too. My 45 minutes trip to Sam's Club turned into 2 hours.

  5. You know what would rememdy this? A Chick Fil-A ice dream :)
    a kiddie one, mind you..

  6. Mine makes me crazy every single day!! It's nice to have the Sergeant home for a bit, to help..


  7. L ~ you're totally normal. i can relate. but mine are teens now. but i know. i remember. and they are hard (at least mine are) as teens!

    you will get through this.

    kathleen :)


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