Wednesday, March 3, 2010

six month checkup

Six months ago {on the 1st} it wasn't just another day. Dash 3 graced us with his presence.

Yesterday he had his six month checkup. He's a small fry, weighing in at 14lbs 130z and head to toe he's 27 in.

So skinny and long. {I wish I could say he gets it from me.... but he doesn't. In fact we aren't sure where he gets it from.} Because he's so far down the percentile chart for weight {hanging out in the 5th} we'll head back in four weeks for a weight check.

But he's an overall healthy and happy baby. And so stinkin adorable. And really there is nothing more you could ask for, the healthy and happy part, the stinkin adorable is just a nice bonus.

It sounds so cliche to do the whole "I can't believe its been six months" thing but, well, I can't. Not for the life of me can I figure out where the time has gone.

Althought if you guessed breastfeeding and changing an insane number of diapers you would be correct.

I did a little math {which since I was a political science major in college is impressive for me} there are roughly 180 days in six months. So thats....

{very very roughly of course}

1440 times we've nursed {24 hrs in a day, every three hours, again give or take a few}

round about 1100 diaper changes

just guessing but it would seem at least 100 explosive poos

countless of smiles and coos

a few hundred raspberries on the tummy

endless amounts of joy and love

You can count feedings and diapers, but you can't ever count how much you love them. Each kiddo holds a very special place in my heart. Each one is different, each one is special in their own way, and with the birth of each one, my heart has grown.

I'm certainly glad that six months ago just wasn't another day.


  1. i know how you feel. my lil man is going to be a year old in 3 months. i need a rewind button or maybe a pause button would work!!!

  2. I agree! Thanks for doing that math for me, you know I'm lazy. J was 17lbs and 25 in at his 6 month. He's "solid"

  3. wow 6 months....we're about to hit one and I could swear she was digging into my ribs just a few days ago.

    Happy 6 months little one.

  4. I totally understand about time flying. The Wee One will be two at the end of the month...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

    Happy 6 months Dash-3.

  5. This has got to be the sweetest post ever. So glad you are enjoying your little ones. I love your stories about your children. I totally have baby-fever right now.. and this is not helping!! haha, thanks for sharing!

  6. One time, my mom calculated how many meals she 35 years, it was over 38,000....that's a lot of cooking.

    The time goes fast, my dear....sounds like you are enjoying them while you can.

  7. Happy 6 month birthday little guy! He's exactly one month older than my little girl. :)

    It really is amazing how fast the time goes. I wish I could freeze time and just hold her and take in these precious days.

  8. I am new to blogging, and I just found your site! I love it. Happy 6 months to Dash 3! I can't wait to experience what you are going through, but I have to wait until my husband gets home from his deployment. He will be leaving soon.

  9. Awww happy 6 months Dash 3! Soren is now 8 months and its just crazy. I caught him crawling yesterday but the moment he saw me watching him he face planted and dissolved into tears as if to show me he's still desperately needed in my arms 24/7 cause he cant get anywhere without me....brat =)

  10. Happy 6 months... time for another one! LOL

  11. Hey Mrs... The folks at UPrinting tried to e-mail you today regarding the poster print that you won and the e-mail bounced back to them. Can you e-mail me the correct address please? Thanks!!!

  12. Hello! Long time since I've been around - I can't believe your baby is six months already - seems impossible! hope life with three is going well - busy, huh?

  13. I love babies :-) It's when they start talking back though....

    Hahaha the math thing cracks me up because simple math escapes me. Completely.


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