Friday, March 26, 2010

life lessons of motherhood. {and toothbrushes}

Motherhood is pretty amazing.

I watch my babies grow, learn to roll over, take their first steps, run far and fast.

To see the joy in their faces as they experience their firsts.

Tenderly touching the grass, blinking away raindrops, getting up close to the nose of a very brash bull.

Being the one that they run to when they need a hug, when a boo boo can only be healed by my kisses, when they just need some lovin.

Motherhood has changed me.

I now understand unconditional love.

I've learned a lot about life.

And some important life lessons along the way.

Tonight I misplaced my toothbrush.

I went in to brush my teeth and I couldn't find it anywhere.

Cabinet? Nope.

Oh crap.

Did I leave it on the countertop?

Oh shit.

If I left it there and its not there anymore, they've taken it.

They've gotten their grubby mits on it and if that's happened, it's been to horrible places.

My perfect toothbrush, pretty pink and wonderfully soft bristles and its been hijacked.

Maybe it's been used to swoosh around some toilet water.

Maybe it's been dipped down the drain of the bathtub.

Maybe worse.

Oh no.

Now even if I find it. I can't use it.

I cant.

It's been compromised.

Never, ever, ever use your toothbrush if its been in the reach of your children.


That's what parenting has taught me.

And that my friends, is a very important lesson.

And to my relief, I found my toothbrush, uncompromised, in a very high shelf in the shower, where I left it this morning.



  1. I will remember that. Very important to know.

  2. Am I the only one wondering why the toothbrush was in the shower per your doing?

  3. Oh gosh. I should write this one down....

  4. hahaha, that is why we have a toothbrush holder well out of reach of the Wee One's grasp.

    Although, I have to ask the same question as Sara: why was your toothbrush in the shower?

  5. No one ever brushes their teeth in the shower? You'll learn to multi-task!

  6. lol I wish I had kids to learn these lessons..

  7. whew. That was a close one. Funny too.

  8. Dodged a bullet there! ;) I left you a happy 101 award over on my page.

  9. Haha! This reminded me of when I found my chapstick in the bin with all the glue sticks at school.

  10. Haha, if you would have found it any other place I would have agreed with you to never use it again.

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  12. In high school, my entire lunch table made fun of me for brushing my teeth in the shower when they found out. I don't know why my oral hygiene was grounds for ridicule, but now I'm always cautious before I bring it up in social situations. In the shower, I usually don't feel like containing the bubbles in my mouth so I get toothpaste all over my face. And then I spit water everywhere like a park fountain. It's very freeing.

  13. LOL...I love it! What a lucky day...I'm glad you can continue to keep your teeth pretty! :o)))


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