Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After the rain

Bad weather is like bad moments in your life. Wait them out and they will pass. Now granted, they might ruin your day {or week or cripes even longer}, but after a while they'll end and you'll have a greater appreciation for the sun.

Over the past month we've had some weather doozy's. A blizzard, power outages for days, 60 mph winds, floods, really, short of locus I'm feeling like we've had it all.

{note to the big guy in charge, I do not need locus. I'm good. I gotta enough ladybugs to suffice.}

And like bad weather, we've had bad mojo in the house. Stress, stress and more stress.

Today is a good day. The sun is out. There is a breeze and yet its still warm enough to be outside without a jacket on. The dash brothers are running around and I'm just sitting here watching.

Days like this remind me that perfect is all relative and relatively speaking my life is damn near perfect. Or perfect enough for me.

Now, my kids may occasionally yell at me {yes that happens even to us great moms}, they might slam doors in frustration, they might act like savages in public every now and again, my little one maybe too little, and from time to time flyboy hates his job.

{Shocking right? Working with idiots, in fact, is not his true passion in life.}

That's just like bad weather, periods of crap coming and going, it helps us to appreciate the really good times. Even if they are just simple little moments. After all rain must fall for flowers to bloom.

{Even if a deer is just going to come along and eat one's blooms that they spent time and money on planting.}


  1. Someone asked me today, a soldier himself, how I was doing with SoldierMan gone, if it was "hard." Well, yeah, some days are worse than others. Some days are better than others. You just go on, knowing that even when ad days come, good days will, too, eventually.

  2. Spring into spring my friend!!!! Great post :)


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