Sunday, March 21, 2010

A mish mosh, a tip and a picture

It's a mish mosh post because well, that's the way my mind is working these days.

First, a tip from my soon to be sister in law {hi Allison!}, she passed this to me after my last baking soda tip and her tip kicks my tips ass.

Take a small {but decent} amount of baking soda in a little cup with you into the shower. Pour some of your shampoo into the cup and swirl around, then dump it all on your head. Or if you like a little more control you can put it in your hand and then on your head. It's all going to the same place right?

Viola, instant clarifying shampoo.

Scrub away and you'll remove all the gunk and buildup {and dandruff!}. Rinse well and then you can shampoo again with just shampoo if you feel the need. {I felt the need because I felt a little salty}

My hair is amazingly clean and bouncy looking. Honestly, I'm ready for a friggin shampoo commercial. Expensive clarifying shampoo kiss my ass. I have baking soda.

Second I went to the commissary the other day and grapes were 6 dollars. SIX DOLLARS! But my boys {little and big alike} demand their produce so six dollar grapes it as was. If they go any higher I might have to trade in a dash brother.

And not the little one he's just too cute and quiet. A combo that has stolen my heart.

And here's some proof as to how cute he is:
Speaking of the little one, Dash-3 went for his first round of blood work on Friday and has to go back again this coming friday {and possibly a third time but I'm really hoping not}. When you're a little guy they can only take so much at one time and to my relief the doctor has ordered every test under the sun.

I've already turned in his pee in a cup and three poop test so maybe those along with the first blood tests will yield some answers later this week.

In other news, there really isnt much other news.

Oh a cousin of mine found my blog. {Hi Lindsay!} I haven't seen her in years, really the last time I saw her was at my wedding. Seven years ago.

I haven't seen her or talked to her in years and now she's found my blog. Well first she found me on twitter via my brother and then she found my blog. It's like going from the first date to marriage.

As weird as it may have been a. I'm touched that she wants to read my mindless ramblings, {people, she is reading thru everything, that is some effort} and b. I'm excited to have reconnected with her and as of last night, her sister, although I'm not sure if she's reading the old blogo yet.

And finally, spring is here!

The weather has been amazing so most of our time has been outside. We've gone on lots of walks, explored around the farm, flown kites. Ok so I sat out the kite flying, that was more just the bigger boys. Dash-2 explored some bushes and hay and I sat and admired the views. The sunset that is. Well and my boys.

That's about all I got right now. I'm trying out a couple of recipes this week so if they work I'll post those and of course, my usual rantings and ravings.

As for now, the one that I said was quiet isn't so much right now. But lucky for him, he's still cute.


  1. My sister has used the baking soda before on her hair! I have amazing hair, so I don't have to use that! JUST KIDDING!!

    Dash 3 is just too friggin cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! :) I love the bunny ears. And I remember a friend telling me about the baking soda thing in high school, but my mom wouldn't let me do it because she thought it would A) waste baking soda and B) wouldn't work anyway.

    And I know this is off-topic, but I was wondering if you have had trouble following my blog. Some people have since I made the URL change. I'm not fishing for comments, honestly! But I didn't want you to think I had blocked you!

  3. I have a cousin named Lindsay too :) Spells it the same way.

    I love it when it is so nice out :)

  4. Sweet, I'll have to try the baking soda in my shampoo deal.

    Such a cutie pie. I love the brown hat!

  5. 1. Dash 3 is so friggin cute. But all your boys are so thats not a new development.

    2. Im so jealous of your Spring weather. Yesterday, sunny and 70. Today, 6 inches of snow. Tomorrow, high 60's. Welcome to Texas y'all. Im ready for a more normal climate, seriously.

    3. $6???? Holy heart failure batman!

  6. O, he does not look small at all!

  7. Aww! He's so sweet! Adorable, really. :)

  8. Good tip. I might just have to try that. And I am the only one that feels like my mind is mish mosh all the time?

  9. I love your new blog layout! Its beautiful! And SPRINGY!

  10. It's it crazy how people can find a blog. My uncle found mine a few months ago.
    Those bunny ears are just too cute!

  11. Oh, he is cute! I use baking soda on my teeth after brushing with regular toothpaste. It seems to help with coffee/tea stains. I will have to try it on my hair tomorrow morning - sounds great! I've also heard vinegar works well to remove residue from hair too.

  12. I'll have to try the baking soda thing, thanks! :)

    I love him in his lil bunny ears...too freakin cute!

  13. this might be too personal, but how do you get a baby to pee in a cup?

    and ps. those bunny ears are stinkin' cute :)

  14. The picture of Dash-3 is very adorable! I hope this first round of tests shed some light on whatever is happening so the little guy doesn't have to get pocked anymore.
    I can't wait to hear about the recipes you try this week...and good grief, $6 for grapes!! Where the heck did they go to get them?!

  15. Feeling super special about having such a great shout out. Btw I haven't forgotten about recipe post, I was just for reals serious about it probably taking me a while to do it.

    Also, another thought about allergy/asthma-y kids: I have a great book by Jeffrey Hollender, the founder of Seventh Generation cleaning products, called Naturally Clean. It's all about the effects of conventional cleaning products on kids' breathing, and body systems in general. It gives a lot of safe cleaning recipes and explains exactly how certain chemicals cause reactions in people's bodies. I'd love to lend it to you and maybe it'd be something your readers would be interested in. It basically changed my life and it's very well researched.

  16. I used the baking soda/shampoo thing last night and my hair feels amazing! How often should I use it? And I also brush my teeth with baking soda (after I use regular toothpaste) and has really helped whiten my teeth!)

  17. Yes reading and loving every post! As of yesterday (in the McDonalds parking lot eating a hot fudge sundae - rough day, i needed it) - I finished April 2009! Slowly making it through, but I'm getting there! Great to be reconnected with you too!! :)


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