Thursday, March 11, 2010

day late dollar short wondering weds

Crap I missed another Wondering Wednesday. I had yesterdays post set to auto post and then it was only half way thru the morning I realized it was Thursday.

I need to learn dash-1's day of the week song to help me out.

So I'm just doing it late. So here's what I'm wondering about.

-Why won't my darling little one sleep? His naps? Non existent. Sleep at night? Ok but I know he needs more.

Could it be the constant stream of noise and chaos in the house as a result of the other two dash brothers? I'm thinking that has something to do with it. We've done some sleep training, we've done self soothing, nothing is working. At all. I'm at my wits end, he's at his wits end. And flyboy. Let's not even talk about flyboy.

Any great baby wearing suggestions? That's my next idea and I'm definitely wondering about that.... {for those that were wondering he's 14lbs 13 oz and 27 inches long}

-I'm wondering about the emails I get. More specifically, the ones about Russian brides that I've recently started getting. I'm good in the marriage department, thank you very much, I have a fantastic husband who cleans like a Russian bride, but get this, he speaks english AND he's a he.

A definite plus in my book.

I used to really wonder about the emails I used to get from m* saying that they had found my mate but those seem down right normal compared to the emails from the Russian brides.

-I'm wondering about people who smoke in the cars with their small kids.

Smoking is a personal choice, you wanna smoke, go right ahead, I could care less. There is a warning on the box and surely everyone knows now days that its not good for you. So if you want to puff, puff away my friend.


To puff near your kids is, in my humble opinion, trashy. To puff in an enclosed car with the window cracked barely an inch {oooh its just so cold out there, I couldn't possibly let the cold air in, that's not good for the kids, but the smoke, that'll keep them warm} and smoke swirling around the car AND your small kids who are strapped into their car seats in the backseat? REALLY TRASHY.

Really, really trashy actually.

So there, that's my day late, dollar short, wondering Wednesdays.

What are you wondering about?


  1. it is now illegal in CA to smoke in the car if there are minors with you. Awesome!
    At least CA is doing something right.

  2. i'm sorry, i will NEVER get smoking, its just so GROSS. and stinky!

    baby wearing rocks. sling is good for when they're tiny (how much does dash3 weigh again?) and then the ergo is hands down worth every penny for when they're bigger. unlike a lot of front carriers, it puts the weight on your hips, NOT your shoulders/back, so i can carry around my 26lb 2 year old for a good while and not complain :)

  3. Slings rock. I have that sleepy wrap that I used for awhile that was fantastic... but once Isaac got to be about 14 pounds it was hard on my back. Now I have a wrap that I like okay that I got from etsy. I don't have a suggestion for a brand for you on that.

    I don't know what to tell you about dash3's sleep. I've been there. I feel your pain. The only thing that seemed to help was cosleeping. That way when he woke up he'd attach and nurse himself back to sleep. Without waking me. That was really the only thing that helped.

  4. Hmm...I have an M1 you can try out if you want. The Captain was not a fan because she's long and I am not. But when I did get her in there, she did sleep. Ahh. Say the word and it'll be on in the mail.

    Also, do you want your sleep book back? Or is that not going to give you any advice you don't already know?

  5. Hmm I would venture to say that smoking in your car, with the windows shut, with your kids in there too is more than trashy. I would call it child abuse. Your poor kid doesn't even get a choice on whether he wants lung cancer or not...sorry, huge pet peeve.

  6. I agree with the smoking in the car bit. A lady here just had a baby-she smoked all throughout her pregnancy. She brought the baby in to show everyone and as she was leaving she lit up and blew the smoke in the kids face (she was holding it). Dr. H was outside when this happened. I thought he was going to have a massive coronary!!

  7. Don't even get me started on smoking in a car with kids. Some people just shouldn't bear children period.

    As for baby wearing, I love my Moby Wrap and always get asked about it when I'm using it. Here's a blog you may be interested in that I just started reading,
    She's a friend of a friend and avid baby-wearer. There's actually a very good recent post about sling recalls that every baby-wearer should read.

  8. My Collin did not sleep (AT ALL) until he was over 10 months old! I wore him in a snuggli literally every day. They hold up to 20 or 25 pounds and are very comfortable. I thought it spread his weight out better than a sling did.

  9. Why have I lost one of every earring I put on this week? So far, I have three earrings without mates and two pairs I didn't make, so I can't make another.

    I am super mad at myself

  10. Totally with you on the smoking! I went into Hobby Lobby today and walked by two women smoking outside. When they came in their stench was so strong I covered my face. I get chronic migraines (take medicine twice a day to prevent them) and am soooo sensitive to the smoke smell. It gives me an instant headache if Im around it for literally 2 minutes tops! I wonder if smokers are aware of how bad they smell!

  11. Vivi pretty much lived in our Hotsling ( for the first 9 months of her life. I know there are trendier carriers out there (and maybe they're even fantastic!) but the Hotsling worked great for us- very comfy. I almost bought the next size up when she grew out of it but thought maybe she should learn what it felt like for her tush to touch the ground before she hit her first birthday ;)

  12. I would suggest a Moby wrap OR an Ergo carrier. Both are awesome, and he might even sleep on you while you get to do things HANDS FREE! WOHOO! Ergo's can be expensive so check around on Craiglist or on the Ergo site for gently used, cheaper ones if you want to go that way. Both will be great for your body as he gets bigger too.

    Loved your thought about parents smoking in cars with their kids. I really want to get out of my car and pound on their windows asking if they want to give their kids asthma and cancer?!

  13. AMEN on the trashyness (is that a word?). I seriously can't stand it when I see people smoke with their kids in the car. I find myself mumbeling to myself and gripping the steering wheel pretty darn hard!

  14. I wonder about the emails I get encouraging me to enlarge a certain appendage... you know, one I don't have...

  15. Uhhhh I already sent you a great baby wear idea and I'm frankly offended that you don't want to strap Dash3 in like a little teletubby poking out of your chest. And you KNOW how good flyboy would look in it.


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