Monday, March 30, 2009

oh I forgot to tell...

Oh oh oh oh! I completely forgot to pass this along, what with all the my three sons news and what not around here.

So quick recap for the newcomers (I mean there has to be one out there right?) I have a thing against people wearing pjs in public. A big thing. To see former rants you can click here or here. I told you I just don't get it.

I mean a quick run to take your kids to the school bus stop I can kinda see although now days with as comfy and sporty looking as running/yoga pants are why wouldn't anyone feel the need to walk out of the house in ratty pj bottoms when they will be seen by others. And especially on base, where you KNOW you will not only be seen by others who know you but potentially by others who either work FOR your husband or for whom your husband WORKS FOR.

Either way my friends, that would be awkward. And probably lead to an uncomfortable moment at the next work function.

So I was at the ob clinic last week waiting for my appointment and there was a couple who was returning for her six week post-partum visit. The husband... are you ready for this... was in pajama bottoms.

Yeah lets let that simmer for a bit.

The husband, who was in the Army since they called him Sgt. so and so and they had been talking about their house on post and well, we don't have people living down there. And his hair was long and he was wearing jammies. I'm pretty damn sure Marines would not go down to WP in jammies.

Anyways... here's my thing, yes you have a new baby, life gets hectic, but your going somewhere on post, GET DRESSED! I cant speak with full authority as to what would happen if a Marine went walking around in jammies, but they don't even like it if your not wearing a belt with your jeans so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they wouldn't think it was cute.

Pajama pants folks. And not like the kind where you have to sit and stare and go back and forth in your head about it. It was obvious. And very odd.

Just when I think my lack of understanding on this issue can't get any deeper, this goes and happens.

Again, I'm not up to date on all my Army regs, but I would think that this is kinda a no-no. Perhaps you Army folk could enlighten me.

The Marine Corps civilian dress code is pretty thorough. You know, belts, tucked in shirts, no excessively baggy clothes, no half shirts (thank goodness why is anyone wearing those?) and no clothes that are designed to be jammies.

Oh and no roaming around town in your flight suit or cammies. I know that's different in the other forces but since its a rule for us I find it odd to see Army or AF folks in cammies shopping at W@lmart. Up here since we are at a teeny tiny base you sometimes see the occasionally slacking Marine, but never have I seen a Marine walking around in pjs.

Except on the way to the bathroom to brush his teeth at night. And in that case my friends, I dont mind at all.


  1. Well, my AF hubby says it's highly frowned upon to go around town in your BDUs (cammies), but it happens. And... as far as a civilian dress code, I am about 85% positive that they don't have one. McStudly has never said anything about one existing, and wears whatever he pleases, and with some of the insane things I see worn around the Ft. Meade area by people I know to be military... I wouldn't be surprised if that was correct. So as far as I know, there's no civie dress rules.

    Am I wrong? Can someone else enlighten me?

  2. I don't really know any of the army regs since my own husband doesn't wander around in PJs :) But, I do know that they are only supposed to be "off post" in military uniform if they are on their way to or from work. A quick stop at the grocery store on the way home is acceptable, hanging out in a bar probably not so much.

    And who in their right mind would hang out in public in their pjs? At least have the decency to put some sweat pants on if you can't find the energy to zip and button jeans. C'mon!

  3. I hear ya! As I take my son to school I see all these women in pjs and slippers and those god-awful ugg boots, in Cali of all places. I would be so embarrassed if that were my mother. I don’t get all dressed up but how hard is it to slip on jeans or fake like you’re going to workout and put on workout clothes.
    We are AF but we don't or haven't lived on an AF base in a while but around here I always see every service in their BDUs around town. It makes the hubby very upset cause he knows they know they shouldn't be.

  4. What is it with PJs in public?? The world has lot its collective mind.

    My husband would die in a blaze of glory before ever considering wearing PJs to MY postpartum appt.

    I don't know how much of a civilian dress code is enforced in the Army. My hubby will only wear a non-collared shirt on post if he is going to the gym. Else it's jeans with a belt and a collared shirt with undershirt.

  5. A SQT at an on-post medical facility in PJ pants? The world is seriously coming to an end... The 6-weeks postpartum mom was the only one with a shred of an excuse to not get dressed!

    When he was a newly minted officer LT would get really hung up on wearing the collared shirt tucked in and a belt when we went out, especially if we went on post.

    But now that he's a couple years into it, he is not so concerned with the civvie dress code. Last weekend he definitely wore *swim trunks* and a tshirt to the commisary and exchange. He is obsessed with wearing his bathing suit *everywhere*. I am definitely sorry I bought it for him!

    In any case, nothing pisses him off more than seeing someone in their cammies eating out at Cracker Barrel or some other nonsense like that. If he ever saw a Marine doing that, he would definitely confront them, but when it's another branch (which is always is) he just grumbles and gives 'em the stink eye.

  6. I totally know how you feel. We are stationed at a Naval base which is right next to an Air Force base. Everything is so much different the hair cuts, being able to wear cammies in public. Im glad to know im not the only one who felt that way

  7. LOL I can't believe a man in general went out in public in his pj pants. Maybe they were behind on laundry due to the new little one? If so, I'd hate to see what he's wearing to his job. ;) haha

  8. my hubby is army and let me tell you....PJs are NOT acceptable at all! As far as ACU's off post, it's acceptable( as long as its a weekday or you are going to and from work) As for weekends or days off, you can wear whatever. My hubby however, prefers the basketball shorts and tshirts when he's not working. I hate it but at least he looks like hes dressed LOL. i dont blame you for hating it. its lazy and disgusting! i drop mine off at school in the morning wearing jammie pants and a solid color tank, but i do NOT get out of my van. i drive up to the curb and he jumps outs. anyone who sees me is driving in their cars and can only see from the waist up. when i get home then i shower and get ready for the day. I cannot understand people( wives and military members) who walk around looking like they literally just rolled out of bed. they need to get back in and STAY there! LOL

  9. you totally should have tapped him on the shoulder and been like excuse me sir why in the hedoublel are you wearing your pjs? don't you read my blog? if so you would know that is one of my pet peeves!!

  10. This post made me laugh. While I don't live on a base, I am guilty of going to the grocery store early in the am to pick up something in my jammies. Guilty as charged. But in my defense, they were a solid color and could have passed for workout gear. However, I would not allow my husband out in his pajamas, especially to a Drs appt.

  11. I think you and I have moved past BFFs to soul mates. Yes, I'm positive. I heart you. :)

    A helicopter mom is a mom who is constantly hovering. They never allow their kid to be out of their eye sight or out from underneath their wings!

  12. This drives me crazy EVERYDAY b/c half of our student's parents show up to drop them off and pick them up in PJS, ratty t-shirts, unkempt hair, and slippers. And this is usually the AFTERNOON parents (the ones dropping off at 12:30 and picking up at 3:00) that are guilty of this. I want to scream at them when I see them like this. Are you that lazy that you can't at least put on a pair of jeans or workout pants before you leave the house? I could go on and on about how much this pisses me off. I've even resorted to staying away from the door during drop off/pick up time because I get so irate when I see these parents!

    My hubby is adamant about the dress code. Not so much the tucking in the shirt- but he will NEVER even get out at a gas station if he's wearing a tshirt or flip flops. He won't be seen in public without a collared shirt and appropriate shoes. And he WILL say something to another Marine who isn't dressed appropriately. He almost had it out with a Marine in his cammies at a car dealership. The guy was so embarassed when my husband let into him!

  13. I too am a Marine wife and cringe at the thought of what would happen to a Marine if they were caught in public on base in their pj's. Just goes to show you how different the branches are. While we're on the subject of dress code, I had family visiting last week so we took a trip to the exchange. It was a warm day so I had on capris and my cousin had on shorts. Her shorts were about mid-thigh, not too short or inappropriate. One of the sales associates said she was not dressed in proper civilian attire and asked us to leave. I have worn shorts to the exchange and commissary numerous times and never been told to leave. I was confused and so mad. If they're going to start enforcing a dress code for everyone, we should all be notified. There was not a sign at the door or anything. I even live on base and hadn't heard anything about this, it was embarrassing! Sorry.. just needed to vent. :)

  14. My husband will go out in sweat pants but usually I wont let him leave the car esp with his sweat pants. I swear in staten island everyone wears sweats and not the nice kind, the kind that cuff at the bottom. I have started wearing yoga pants like all the time. But they are all black and kinda almost look like dress pants. I havent worn PJ pants in public since PJ day in high school.

    I dont think the CG has a dress code not that I know of at least but I believe you are not a loud to wear your uniform in public. I think you use to be able to stop for gas or a quick grocery shopping but not anymore.
    I always think its funny when i see the people right out of boot camp in their dress uniforms. esp when there is a crowd of girls around them

  15. On drill weekends, my husband and I have gone out to dinner w/him still in his acu's, he also works w/recruiters sometimes, so he does wear his uniforms away f/the reserve center, recruiting stations, events, funerals, etc. and of course we got married at a park w/him wearing his class A's. I don't know about a civilian dress code, I know my husband wears his pt shirts w/jeans. We don't live near any bases, so any rules on clothes may not be strictly enforced. PJ's in public, it depends on where it is, people do it at my job, I work at the fairgrounds, people sleep there, shower there, get very sweaty, dirty, and dressed up before competitions. I've seen them at the hospital as well, that didn't bother me, but going to a restaurant, office, or a store just doesn't seem right.

  16. Wow. You know, LT Dan (Army) likes to slob out with the best of them at home, but he wouldn't even drop his dress code when he was totally broken and I had to take him on post for physical therapy. He always wore nice shorts (pants were impossible for me to get ON him) and a nice shirt.

    On post there IS a some sort of dress code if you are off duty, not sure what it is but he does notice (and give the stink-eye) when someone is wearing something they shouldn't (a no sleeves t-shirt comes to mind from most recently). Off post, I doubt it though I don't know that for sure.

    Even going out for food on the "way home" we have gone all the way home, changed out of ACU's and gone back out for dinner. He will pump gas and maybe run in to the gas station for something in uniform, other than that not so much.

    Maybe it does depend on where you are but I think LT Dan would have had a cow had he seen what you did.

    For my part, I don't appear even going to the mailbox at the end of the driveway in jammies. Jammies are for lounging inside and that is that!

  17. Oh, I totally agree. There is people where I work that can not understand why they can not wear their pajamas to work. I am sure the Marines are in a major conference meeting about this subject right now. I will not be caught dead in pajamas, sweats or anything like that in public. I am a bit older than most of you and trust me when the sweat thing became popular in the 80's there was no way I would go out looking like that!

  18. Hahah, I never really gave the pjs in public thing a second thought until you mentioned the bit about running into the hubbie's coworkers/boss etc.

    The dude at the doctors appointment is pretty crazy though!

  19. Wow!!! And I don't ever leave my house without eyeliner... and I'm talking to take out the trash!

    That's ree-dic.

  20. Oh NO he didn't!

    Ok, I'll tell you something fierce. When we went to pick Noah up the day he was allowed to leave the NICU, another family was there to pick up their daughter. It was an unforgettable occasion for two reasons.

    1) We were bringing our first-born son home for the first time. Awwww...

    2) The father of the other baby was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look!" Yeah. To pick up his DAUGHTER. From the NICU.

  21. Putting aside for a moment my feelings on PJs in public (which mirror yours) and the baffling lack of self-respect that guy has, I have a technical question: At least on my husband's PJ pants -- which do not leave the house except in a suitcase -- the fly is always wiiiide open.

    Wait a minute, I can't ask that question. But you know what I'm getting at.

  22. I hate this too. I thought this phenom kind of phased out for a bit because high schoolers were wearing them to school and then it was "out" to do that.

    In the "County" EVERYONE wears them. It's insane! I could never have the nerve to walk out of the house in my pjs. I don't know if this says I need to work on not caring about what others think, or that I have more self respect. ??

    As far as the military bit: I understand what you mean about seeing folks that you or your hubs work for or work under. That is quite awkward. Even more awkward than just random folk in W@lly World.


  23. LOL! Military "culture" is so different from the civilian culture. I am always having to explain to my Civi friends how I never go to the commissary or to a store on base without hair and makeup (just a little) in place. I just KNOW I would run into my Hubs CO or XO the one and only day I decide to go to the store in my sweats. Not gonna happen NEVER!!! Military culture is also VERY gossipy (even amongst the guys) I would NEVER want to give anyone any reason to put my husband or my family in a negative light. On the other hand it is a SHAME it has to be that way but that is just how it is. I didn't make the "rules"! It made me feel good when I was going to see my husband off for a short debt and I was getting ready, he mentioned that he was thankful that I cared enough about him to make sure that the children and myself were in presentable shape to see him off. There were two guys in regular clothes that nodded and said Hello to me. Later I found out they were the CO & XO WHEW! Good thing I put time into our family's appearance.

    I love this post.
    And I am adding you because of this post...

    AHMEN sister! Serious. I work in a restaurant and I had a table come in FOR DINNER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT IN JAMMIES AND SLIPPERS!!!

    Drives me crazy!! The military thing though surprises me though.. thats really a stretch...

    What I do not understand is if you are going out to dinner, and you bother to do your hair and makeup WHAT IS WITH THE JAMMIE pants???

    I mean I even swap out my jammy pants to let the dog out to pee! (a little anal no?)


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