Friday, March 13, 2009

vacation planning fun

I'm sure word is out that Disney is running an amazing deal right now (thru 12/23/09) for active and retired military personnel and activated Reservist or National Guardsmen.
The deal for Disney World is incredible. The service member gets a five day pass FREE and they can purchase five additional 5 day tickets for a mere 99 bucks. (The park hopper option or water park option can be added for 25 bucks each)

The details for Disneyland are a little different but you can find them on the link above. I'm sure they are just as good.

Need I tell you all how expensive Disney tickets regularly are and what an great deal this is?

We were already leaning towards doing a Disney trip this year and this just cemented it for us. I've been trying to get some things together for the itinerary and the drive down. Yes, yes folks, we are driving.

We looked at flying but by the time you add four tickets up its insane. And not to mention that after flying in his own plane for the better part of his time in the Marine Corps, flyboy is not the best commercial flyer. Can we say backseat driver? And he gets way to annoyed by the other people. Although he'll tell you that its me who gets annoyed. But really me annoyed?

Anyways, the car it is. My parents are heading down with us, nothing like a trip with babysitters, I mean family to really have fun. We still have about a month and a half to go but I'm excited.

However, here's what I've already noticed:
-I, Mom, do all the planning. And the thinking. And the packing. And the stressing. I guess it evens out cause poor flyboy has to open his wallet and do all the paying. But still.

-People take disney vacations way to serious. I called to make some advance dinner/lunch reservations, and mind you just normal ones so we can eat at a regular time, nothing fancy and they were already tight. The lady told me that people call on the first day they can and have everything planned out. Good for them, I don't think I can get there yet. I'm trying, really.

-Vacations with my husband, much as I love him, are not always relaxing. Take this one for example, he would like to have three varying itineraries so he can figure out which works best. My mother thought that was funny. I wasn't laughing cause I know he's not joking. We are still married because he can say stuff like that and I just ignore it. And he ignores my ignoring it. But deep down inside he wants that itinerary. He might be serious but it ain't happening. If he wants an itinerary he can look at the guide book I bought.

-The kids are excited. I think. Who doesn't love Disney?! They'll have fun when they get there and see all the neat stuff. But so far the request have been to see an escalator and a horse.

-I am also realistic. We very well could drive all the way to Florida and have the highlight of the vacation be the key card entry to the hotel room. I'm cool with that.

Another thing about going to Disney. I'm always surprised when I talk to other military people and they haven't stayed at Shades of Green before. It's a really nice hotel and very much worth trying out. The prices are unbeatable (the best part is that there is no TAX so your just paying the nightly room fee, nothing hidden). The rooms are very large and clean and you can just take a short walk over to the Polynesian and hop on the monorail.

Althought this time we wont be staying at Shades of Green. It can be tough to figure out a time that works for around leave and free dates at the hotel. It's ok. Dont feel too bad for us. We'll be staying over at Old Key West one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts with our built in babysitters. Did I slip and call them that again?

Just think after the vacation is over you can see all the photos of escalators and horses. Aren't you just excited thinking about it?


  1. We've really been wanting to go to after we heard about that! But I don't know if they will let Josh vacation that quickly after he gets out of training. Anyway the site says the dependent can go without the servicemember. I'm like U2 baby...with or without you!!

  2. We were just looking at this deal. We don't have kids, but adults can have fun at DL too! Your vacation sounds amazing! DW looks like it's worth a visit even if you've been to DL

  3. Miss bee and I have not been for a long time, we will be taking advantage of this.

  4. I wish I could talk GQ into something like this, but there is no way. Amusement parks are not his thing - if I ever get to take the kids it will be by myself, and I really just don't see that happening!

  5. Shades of Green is fantastic! We stayed there years ago! We're heading off to take advantage of this promotion this summer once we've moved, and I am SOOO excited!

  6. we are going there too this year! we have a brother there so we get free room and board!

  7. Great minds think alike. My family is going to Disney this August. I was surprised at how affordable Disney vacations really are!! Have fun on yours!!

  8. an escalator and a horse...that's so funny! boy are they going to be in for a big surprise!

  9. How fun! We wanted to go in July, but I don't know how we will do it before a possible PCS to the opposite side of the country. Like you, flying for the 5 of us is out of the question unless we get a HUGE pay raise, and I don't see that with the debut of the 2010 being so meager. Have fun!

  10. AHHH I LOVEEEE Disney!!! I've been 5x as a kid but Sam asked me to go recently since he just heard of this deal!!

    He was deprived as a child and only went once when he was 4 .. and his mom LOST him! AHHH! Talk about traumatized. But now he wants to go back and make some better memories.

    I CANT WAIT for the day when we go with our kids!!! Have fun planning!!!

  11. I just love Disney. I am secretly wanting Joe to take me there for our honeymoon. He gets to pick out the location...maybe I will start dropping hints LOL. I had so much fun there when I went as a teenager and I have always wanted to go back and experience it as an adult and of course when we have our own kids some day. Maybe I should print out that web page and stick it in his favorite book when he comes home? Will that be a good hint?? HAHA

    I am wondering are those prices only good for travle in 2009 consdiering we are NOT getting married until next year...

    I am excited for you guys, it will be so much fun. ANd I was cracking up at the back seat driver thing.

  12. Now that we are moving to the Bahamas, I think we're going to try to hit up DisneyWorld during Oliver's 30 days of leave. Then, the military will be paying for at least part of the transportation there, ha. I can relate to the planning/packing/etc. That always falls to me for whatever reason. Maybe because I'm a control freak?

  13. I am laughing my head off at this post. Well, first of all, I have to get online and look at the Disney tickets because that is a great deal. And we have never been. Nope. Never. And yep. My kids are grown. Sigh. Moving on... :D (Oh, btw, when you are driving down 95 south going to Disney, when you get to Georgia and see exit 29 [Loads of truck stops, flying J, Mickey Ds, etc) that is where I live! [Nice neighborhood, I swear!:D])

    Oh, and on your way, there is a Navy base a little further south from me at exit 3 (I think) Kings Bay NSB. That is where I go to the commissary.

    My hubby is a very focused traveler as well. It can be miles from relaxing taking a trip with him. Especially if we are flying! Ugh. I call it "Mission Mode." He has a plan, it is foremost in his mind. He is mowing people down left and right. Hotel people. Airline people. Restaurant people. He has no clue that I am even there, truth be told. Ugh.

    But honestly, when we are taking a vacation, it isn't that bad. Flights can be bad. (And he is not a pilot. He's a cop.) Moves are BAD. Having said that, all bases tend to be covered and not much goes wrong. So I guess he may be on to something. Maybe. :D


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