Friday, March 13, 2009

im working on my deep breathing

Ok, ok, I know there are a lot of you WP wives out there. Please, try to not to get to upset with me but I hate parent weekends.


There I said it.

I went to meet a friend to take our kids bowling today, by the way I should loan dash-1 out to a bowling league cause he kicked some arse, anywho to get to bowling I had to go on base. As I got closer I saw the sign for parents, DOH! Of course it was too late and I was already stuck behind three cars in the DOD lane who DID NOT have DOD decals. Or ID's from what I could tell with the giant debacle in front of me.

This is a pet peeve of mine. The lanes are marked, one for DOD decals AND ID's and the other is for regular cars. Please parents, get in the regular car lane. There is no shame in that lane, its ok, trust me, you'll probably get thru quicker then trying to go thru the DOD lane without a DOD decal.

I know their excited to see their babies. I'm a mom, I get excited to pick him up from nursery school, but I can't help it. I'm a black and white type of person. I like it when things just flow the way they are supposed to. Perhaps that's why I kinda like the military, and well, when the parents roll in it upsets my little utopia. Especially at the commissary or the gas station. Please don't get me started on cars or people without ID's getting gas cheaper on base.

And dash-2 was near melt down so I scrubbed my commissary trip and now I have to go back down there and face the full wrath of the parents this weekend.

deep breaths, mrs, deep breaths.....

And come on you Academy wives, admit it, it would drive you a little nuts too.


  1. haha. the crowds at those events are the worst. i feel your pain.

  2. West Point parents are psychotic. My mother in law is the prime example. She once asked Z if she could attend one of this classes while she was visiting...ummm no. During graduation week (steer clear!!!) she forgot her ID one day (when we were trying to make it to his commissioning ceremony on time!) and started bawling at the gate. Never mind there was heightened security because the flippin' president was there that weekend. She thought because her precious baby was graduating they would let her through. Oh my gosh. Soooo annoying!

    I feel your pain! I hope you can hide from the crazies!

  3. Hey, I live at a basic training post! Every Thursday (EVERY one), hundreds of brand new privates graduate. Their mommies and daddies come and wear their cool shirts and then they load up baskets upon baskets of groceries only to discover that the discounted stuff is for ID holders only.

    And I have never been to WP! ha! (so I can't relate entirely)

  4. Have you tried going in the gate that is only for DOD decals on those weekends? This way you won't even have to worry about facing those crowds!

    On the morning of my husbands graduation- at the time I lived a mere 10 minutes from the back gate (at the townhouses across from the hospital) I got up and it took me FOREVER just to make it over the goat trail!! I knew it'd be long lines but I never imagined that early! Luckily I got directed by a cop to go through the front main gate!

    And I'll admit on the weekends when there was a football game, or some type of Ball that didn't consist of us going and I was just trying to get on post to go see him I would get so annoyed at the lines and the stupidity of people! Like seriously just get out of the car and open your damn trunk! Eventually I told him just walk the 20 mins to your jeep and drive to me-I'm not waiting in those lines and you'll make it to me before I'd even get to the gate!

  5. I always hated how they changed which lane was the DOD lane at each gate. Like I think the Thayer gate the DOD is on the right and the Stonylonesome (or however you spell it) the DOD was on the left...Can't fully remember but I got in the wrong lane once.

    I agree with d.a.r. WP parent's are psychotic, we got up at 4 am for J's graduation, thank god we didn't drive home that same day, I was exhausted!

  6. I agree with d.a.r.

    WP parents are crazy! Haha and do not worry, I hated Parent Weekends too.

  7. I always used the back gate near the was DOD Only back then...yeah, you had to drive thru housing and past the hospital, but at least you didn't have to deal with the idiots.

    p.s. my word verification word was "pregati"...I think we should use that as YOUR word...The Mrs. is Pregati! ;-)

  8. I loved your comment back to me. I love the long comments, they are my faves!!

    And yeah, she is psychotic. It is embarrassing to take her around our current post...

  9. not quite the same thing, but I always hated game days at OU when I was a student there. Football is basically a religion in OK so my roomie and I would usually head out of town to OKC or somewhere and come back as the game was letting out. So we were always going against the traffic. Such poor school spirit, we would never know what the score was, let alone who had won!

  10. I'm super excited because I just got my DoD decals yesterday! I feel like I'm part of the club now. Granted there is only one lane to get into the depot and the closest base to us is the only base in the US that does not have a security gate thing...but I am guilty of causing backup at the depot (only once though, I swear). Not anymore though!

  11. Ok, obviously I'm not up on the academy life, but I had heard that you can't be married when attending one of the military academies. So, that's wrong? Luckily, this sort of thing is never a problem here; it's incredibly rare that they do anything for the civilians on our base, and most are retired or work for the DOD around here, anyway. This would totally piss me off, though. I get impatient when someone obviously new goes in the wrong gate (only one will give you a pass if you don't have your tags straight, but it isn't marked at all so I can't be too mad at them) and they have to get redirected to the other gate or paperwork done while we wait.

  12. Oh my God have I been there! I spent Grad week herding Michael's parents like ducklings. Over here, this is where you sit, no don't go in that line, stay off of that grass... Awesome. Luckily I had a special pass and DOD decals that got me on and off post with no problem, and I definitely took the Stoneylonesome gate. Luckilly, there shouldn't be any more special weekends until grad week, so you should be good.

    PS My current preceptor is a WP plebe parent, and sickeningly proud of her little boy. She was up there this weekend. I'm going to see her on Tuesday, so I'll let you know if she was in the DOD lane. I bet she was!

  13. I'm so sorry! I don't have any idea what you're talking about, but I know it would drive me crazy as well!

  14. WP parents are nuts, I agree with everyone else!


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