Friday, March 6, 2009

Another handy household tip

I haven't shared a tip in forever it seems. Thankfully my kids haven't done anything that has made me get too resourceful. (of course now that I type those words.....)

Last night as we were getting the boys in jammies and ready for bed what do I notice on my beautiful new handmade quilt. Blood. And not just anywhere on the quilt, could it be on the red part or even the blue? No it was smack dab in the middle of the white part. Earlier in the day dash-2 had a bloody scrape in his ear. I have no idea how it happened. ( I know I know mom of the year over here!)

Anyways, while I love me some oxyclean, I reached for what was closer, my very own poo be gone. Thats what we used to call it in the early days when dash-1 would have massive poops that would go everywhere BUT his diaper. All it is a spray bottle with one part detergant and two/three parts water. We use All Free and Clear because dyes bother my boys skin and its leaves no color marks on fabric.

I know there are a ton of products out there that take stains out. And a lot of them work. But they cost money. This one. NADA. Well I pay for the detergent but I'm paying for that anyways. Lets face it folks, in the military we are slightly insulated from the economic sludge right now but still, cost are adding up and money needs to go further.

So take it from me, really this works, its taken out poop, vomit, washable crayons, markers, paint, and now I add blood to the list. And I didn't even need to wash the quilt in the washer, spot treatment was all it needed and good as new.

So there you have it, handy hint and money saving tip.

Oh and I'll be having another giveaway! I'll be putting up the info in the next day or two so please be sure to check back. And this one is for everyone, it has nothing to do with kiddies.


  1. wait...water and water? which part was detergent. I just happen to need this tip right about now.

  2. Whoa, seriously? I think I need to try this one out. That's amazing!

    and if only you had posted this before Saturday... my dog got hurt and decided to bleed all over my carpet. *sigh. Now THAT was fun to clean up.

  3. Oh what a great tip. And a good way to use the leftover detergent that isn't enough for a full load

  4. What an awesome tip--I'll have to try this. I still haven't found a great and wonderful stain remover. I mean, spray and wash is great, but still... sometimes it can't get the tough jobs!

  5. I have used a similar combo for the times when baby jagger peed on the bed. Whilst looking me straight in the eye. And peed on the couch. And the kitchen. In 10 minutes. Little dog got his manly bits cut off the next day. True story. Anyways, deterget and water. yep, it's good! And maybe a little fabric softner for good measure.

  6. We use all free & clear for the same reasons. I'll have to try that since Junior constantly has blowouts, and Abs is a walking stain magnet.

  7. I use hydrogen peroxide to get blood out. Works like a charm! I'll definitely have to try the poo-be-gone when I have children with explosive diarrhea.

  8. Will it get ink out of clothes? As in, pen ink on nice khaki pants because you thoughtlessly let your one year old grab your pen while he was sitting in your lap?

    Not that I've ever done such a thing, of course.

  9. tee hee, poo be gone :) :)

    i like the name, at least.

    will try to remember this when i start growing my own monsters.... er, kids. :) :)

    (which is hard to discourage myself from trying to do after today... i went to an organic materials store and they had the most ADORABLE organic egyptian cotton onesies... get this... TYE DYED. i was in love.)

  10. love the tips. You should write a book of them from a mil spouse perspective. I need to try that the next time my little ones (uh, dogs) make messes. Never as funny as the messes yours make though!

  11. I definitely need to try this one.


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