Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I *heart* faces

How could I not *heart* faces with such adorable boys? And with this weeks theme being messy I figured I HAD to participate. Quite clearly I am a beginner.

And by that I mean a point and click kinda girl, although I have promised myself that this spring I am going to work to figure out what the various buttons and switches on my new camera actually do.

Luckily they have a category just for people just like me. Whew.

Last year we had a giant dirt pile down by the barn that was going to be used as fill. Dash-2 being a little younger was a bit more timid of it, he preferred to drive his trucks around the outskirts of it and as the days went by he worked up the courage to climb the big dirt mountain. Dash-1, however, was climbing and jumping, rolling and digging, the very second I took his shoes off.

Hours were spent at that pile, days widdled it down and spread it around, over time it wasn't as high but it was still fun. Finally it needed to go into the hole that was waiting for it. But for two glorious weeks the boys were besides themselves. Dash-1 is already asking if we'll get another one this summer. After all a sandbox is pretty weak after a giant mountain of dirt.

I had recently bought my new camera and sat down by the pile taking picture after picture. Some are a bit blurry, in some there are shadows or the lighting isn't just right, but in every last one of them, the excitement and joy of childhood shows thru. These are some of my very favorite pictures of the boys to date, pictures of them playing, being boys, having fun, and just enjoying the moment.

If you have a messy picture that you want to share, head over to I *heart* faces and link up!


  1. I LOVE that picture! Ah, he looks so carefree :) great moment you captured!

  2. He is so cute! look how happy he is!
    There's nothing quite like rolling in a dirt pile to make a little boy's day huh? lol

  3. oh that is totally the winner!!

    super sweet friend :)

  4. How adorable! You can tell he is just having an absolute ball!

  5. What a wonderful picture! He looks so happy!!!! My son can also play in dirt for hours (if I let him)! LOL

  6. That is such a cute picture! I'm waiting on the hubs to get back from A'stan so that he can teach me how my camera works.

  7. What an awesome picture, he looks so content!


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