Saturday, October 4, 2008

some good tv

This is going to be a total fluff post. Nothing of any great importance.

But then again... its not like I'm penning great post everyday on the great classics or something.

So tonight two great shows started back up. And one of them is even a show that flyboy LOVES to watch with me. Seriously when he sees that its on he will turn it to the channel thinking he's getting one over on me.

The first was My Big Redneck Wedding and flyboy's favorite, Making of a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Classics I tell ya.

MBRW is just. WOW. This week's show had a brother and sister marrying. If it makes you feel any better she had been adopted by his parents when she was 16 or something but still. It was a trip. "Mama bear" as their mom was called actually went on to demonstrate a home made condom made out of a ziploc bag on a banana.

See I told ya. Wow.

I love me some rednecks, I'm from where they roam free. And I cant wait to see the charmers that they get for the rest of the season.

Its going to be hard to top the guy who peed his proposal in the streets in last season. But I'm sure they can.

And MDCC is just fantastic. I just like stuff like this, watching people make it thru. And when flyboy is here we nit pick about the girls. Sadly its just not quite the same without him. But still worth watching.

One other note, I went to my sitemeter today for the first time in forever.

I got a comment from someone on a really old post about wedding ATM's. And by the way anonymous I was referring to a regular old ATM that the couple wanted to drag out into the middle of the floor in the reception hall. Just a tad tacky. At least cash or a check in the card wont be sitting in the middle of the floor like an eye sore. And the bride said that this way if people dont give enough she can make them go back for more.

So I went to sitemeter to see how they had stumbled upon an old post. And surprisingly there are a lot of yall clicking on my little old site. I'm always curious who is looking around so I'm hoping some of you will delurk.


Just do it for me on a lonely solo weekend. Ha ha. My son is not the only one who can use flyboy's absence for pity.

And I promise a post with more substance the next time.



  1. Rednecks roam free... hahaha!

    Where I come from too, sister. Camouflage abounds in our little Valley in eastern PA, and I'm not talking BDU's.

    Gotta love "fluff" tv.
    God love ya, Tyra Banks.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! He peed his proposal??!! I can't believe that anyone would actually do that. I don't much tv since I work at night when all the shows come on, but this post makes me want to watch that show so bad! I think I would laugh through the whole show. Is every episode that stupid/crazy/funny?

  3. I watched the DCC show last night and was thinking, "They totally make this show to allure guys" as they zoomed in on shaking boobs. I can see why Flyboy likes it! My family is the epitome of Cowboys fans which is why I find myself drawn to that show.

    And yuck to the pee proposal!

  4. I'm a huge fan of crap t.v. and I've only been able to catch one episode of MBRW and I lurved it. Haven't been able to catch another. Need Tivo.

    Roaming free made me laugh out loud. You're a hoot.

  5. I love DCC! Kelly is my favorite--she can be so scary!

  6. Fluff is great who dosent love fluff

  7. What channel is the Redneck wedding show on? That sounds hilarious. I need to check that out.

  8. OMG! I love both those shows! MBRNW is the best! Did you ever see the one about the hot pocket?

  9. MBRW is a guilty pleasure of mine. I am from a very rural area so I know redneck, but nothing even comes close to the insanity of this show. A brother and sister is just too much!

    I saw one where the couple got married on four-wheelers. The sad thing is, that is totally something that my husband and I would do, haha.

  10. OH wow, I'm speechless...who would humiliate themselves on tv like that? Oh wait, rednecks!
    love the blog btw. If you need more tips on Pittsburgh ( I saw your comment on Dance shoes and Combat Boots) Shoot me an email I can give you a list of things to do! (born and raised) Have a great week!

  11. I had to skip this post as soon as I saw the part about the big redneck wedding. I have it DVRd and I don't want to ruin it,lol.

  12. Oh no, I am missing the making of a Dallas cowboy cheerleader? I LOVE that show. Crazy I know, but more crazy the number of people that admitted to watching it after I did, lol.


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