Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thats a single mom?!?

I was watching the new season of Real Housewives the other night and this season they are following some real treasures down in Hotlanta.  Thats Atlanta for all you not in the know. 

As usual its filled with women who live in their own little reality.  Their makeup is way to much, their boobs are falling out of their shirts, priorities are a bit screwed, all in all it just makes for the kind of tv that makes my right eye twitch. 

But yet I watch it. 

So this one wife, she's an NBA wife and despite the fact that her husband plays for Cleveland they built their 15,000 sq foot dream house all the way down in Atlanta.  Hey to each their own.  
She said her husband travels about six days out of the week, so essentially she is a single mom. Many of us know what that is like. 

Well minus the 15,000 sq foot house. I'm just going out on a limb and guessing I don't have readers living in that.  

For a second I thought, six days out of the week, that's rough.  Then... in the next breath she goes on to say that she is in the process of hiring, are you ready? 

 An estate manager, an executive housekeeper, a cleaning staff, a chef, a gardening team, a nanny, AND a governess.  Oh and not to mention her hair and makeup artist who work in the salon built into her basement. 

That's just like being a single mom.  Don't you all feel like its your life to a T?

Good for them for making it to the point where they can afford that lifestyle (of course lets be honest given that my tax dollars are going for a bailout right now I'm skeptical of people living so high on the hog) but hey, they are living their dream.  I just find it funny when people say stupid things.  That's all.  It just made me giggle.  

I need to tell flyboy to work on his jumpshot apparently. 


  1. wow, and that is yet another reason why I don't watch this show...

  2. Ha! Well if that's single motherhood then sign me up!

  3. That show is so annoying. Like watching a train wreck. Lol!

    Take one of the zeros away from that 15,000 sq feet, and our little military house is still about 300 sq feet smaller. Sigh. It's like nails on a chalk board.

  4. This made me laugh my butt off! Watching that show give me a headache.

  5. Oh my. That is all I'm going to say..

    Just... Wow.

  6. this is one reason i am actually a little bit sad we dumped cable - seriously that show in all of its awesomeness is just too hard to look away from.

    totally worth the eye twitching!!

  7. what? don't you have a 15,000 sq. ft. house? and a full staff to cater to you and your kids?

    I guess I didn't get the memo about how married single parent-hood was supposed to be, b/c that is definitely not my reality!

  8. Someone complained to me once that she didn't want her live-in nanny eating dinner with them, ever. (Didn't even mention her housekeeper) So... it's ok for someone to raise your children for you, but not sit at your table, whatever.
    I find myself too annoyed to watch "real housewives", but thanks for the update :)
    I don't know how I run into these people at the park.

  9. Your comment on my last entry made me laugh... out loud. I'll take your advice!

  10. Oh yeah. I'm sure it's a real stress fest for her when her husband is away shooting hoops seeing as she has to.....Uhh, what does she do again? Clean? No. Cook? No. Take care of her own children? No.

    Cry me a river.

  11. whoops! I'm blog-tarded still...I'll press the email thing now.

  12. I haven't seen that one, but I for sure have my own trainwreck that I enjoy watching. Obviously that's only if I can hold onto the remote for 30 minutes before one of the men comes and takes it away.

    Bridezilla. Oh it's so bad it's good...

    I think we may have similiar living arrangements only your men are 2 and mine are 25. We should compare notes! ;-)

  13. Actually I am writting this from my 35,000 square foot house and i am not typing this my handmaiden is.


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