Friday, October 10, 2008

Overpaid idiots

Well I promised a post with a little more substance and I shall deliver. Sorta.

And this one wont have a poop, squirrel, or nose picking story in it either. But it is a little snarky. So hang on to your hats.

I read a little blurb about an article written a couple months back in the NY Times about a perk that Representatives in Congress get.... free cars. Yeah cause they don't get paid enough to do... wait, what do they do?

The CBS affiliate in NY did a great peice on it here. Go to read it to get the rest of my rant.

Oh and its not really free cars, its free leases. And the registration, insurance, gas, and maintenance.

A rep. makes round about 165k a year. And lets be honest, thats for blowing a lot of hot air around. And we need to subsidize their cars? I'm good reembursing them for mileage for driving around their districts, not to run for re-election but to actually do some work. Something tells me that this exemption alone could save some serious change.

But is a $998 Lexus lease really necessary? (See I told you to go read the cbs article)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we can all agree that this guy needs to find a cheaper ride.

No wonder Washington is so stinkin out of touch with average, everyday normal people. We live day to day on a lot less then 165k. And might I add my husband is serving the American people, like these folks claim to be, granted in a different way but hey, he's willing to get shot at.

And we manage to pay for our own cars. Now I also am aware that some folks work for places that give them cars to drive, although given the economy I cant imagine that its happening to often anymore. And you certainly aren't getting a 1k Lexus.

You know what irritates me even more? Is not that these leaches are sucking off taxpayers but that we pay for a lot of work stuff out of pocket. Flyboy has a wireless internet card, he got it to be able to stay in contact easier when he's CONUS, but yet 90% of the time its used for work. Even when he's at work... figure that one out. And I just paid the bill for it.

And his cell phone that is essentially a tether to work (not for secure calls of course), it rings constantly. I think foreign embassies have the number. There have been times in when he's been in Guam and used his phone to straighten out work problems because no DSN lines were available. Is anyone aware of what a cell phone call cost from GUAM?!!!

And please don't get me started on the text messaging. And we are the last people in the world who don't have a text plan.


Because we don't text to each other, but work folks text him. And its not social, its all in airplane jargon.

And yet on a salary much less then 165k a year we suck this stuff up. Why? Well quite frankly because no one is willing to pay us back for it but also because we should be thankful that he has a job. That we can pay for this stuff, especially right now. But it does add up.

Tonight as I was scheduling payments for these bills and then reading about free cars, its enough to make a person seriously doubt who's interest politicians really have.

Actually I take that back... I didn't need this article to doubt it. I think millions of Americans find ways everyday to live within their means, to drive cars that they paid for and to fill them with gas that they paid for..... why cant Congress?


  1. But they've given their all for our country! Come on, who can get anything done these days without a highly paid staff it for them?

    Yes, this kind of thing disgusts me. Sadly, I don't see it changing anytime soon.

  2. Argh!

    That just chaps me. We pay for what we have and the things we need. Let them. We're only part-time military so we have our regular day-to-day stuff, plus the "little" things that make life a bit easier to handle with the Guard.

    If they insist on it, for the same $1k five of them can drive a new Kia and it gets better gas mileage with a much better warranty.

    Otherwise, I have a great used Honda Pilot I'll sell for cheap.

  3. Right there with ya. Couldn't have said it better--I would have cussed a blue streak I'm so angry at all of them right now. Top to bottom. Every single one.

  4. I think the government should invest in bringing back the Yugo...and then giving THOSE cars to the reps. yeah...couldn't SEE that happening. Heck, they couldn't ever get their inflated egos in the cars to begin with....

    Is is REALLY necessary that everyone in the Army who ranks above 1LT get a Blackberry? My husband actually refused to get one because he did NOT want people to have that kind of access to him. Of course, it's backfired on him when the headquarters sends out weekend messages (like when we had our ice storm...they used this system to check on batallions, brigades, companies, etc...and my hubby's unit went uncontacted), but he prefers it that way. He does have a work cell, but there's no text capability on it, thank goodness. And for the record, we turned off text capability on our phones because he didn't want to pay for those messages!

    The whole thing just bugs me about how those Reps get so much fluff for doing nothing...and our military, who sacrifice a LOT, from family time to LIFE, don't get squat.

  5. Please don't even get me started on how fed up I am with our "leadership" these days. Sometimes, it just makes me sick.


    Now I shall read your newest post to put me in a better moon :)

  6. ...and these idiots get to vote for raises for themselves, too, don't they?



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