Saturday, October 11, 2008

On a brighter note

After my last post I thought I would be a tinge more upbeat.

Fall is in full swing around here. Some of our trees are yellow, some orange, and a few are an amazing red. I'll have to post some pictures when I finally upload them. For those of you who are enjoying fall in areas where its still 80 degrees, I actually had to turn the heat on last week and drag out the fuzzy footed pjs.

For the boys, not for me. I prefer to hang around the house wearing my husband's PT sweatpants. He used to freak that they were technically a uniform item so I shouldn't be wearing them and then after a year of my passive aggressive wearing them anyways he did something very romantic.

He bought another pair for himself and stopped shooting me the evil eye every time I put them on. He just made me promise not to leave the house in them. I don't think he has anything to worry about, they are huge on me and Marine green. And sweatpants.

I just can't bring myself to leave the house in sweatpants. But thats another post and I promise you it is. I've noticed an epidemic of people wearing their pj's in public. This alarms me so lets all hold our thoughts on this and I'll revisit it.

Just like everything with kids, summer seemed to fly by. Now when the boys and I leave the house early in the morning to take Dash-1 to school there is frost on the ground and you can see the animal's breath as they run around in the fields.

Allright so the horses run, the cows, not so much. They just stand and chew. And stare.

This is my season. I love it. I love the colors, the crisp air, enjoying the sun without sweating. I love having to put on a jacket. A jacket a fantastic camouflage for a muffin top, not that I have one, I'm just saying...

And flyboy will be home shortly, thank goodness, if I have to hear "when will daddy be home?" one more time my ears might bleed. One person can only hear it so many times and I've learned 37 times a day is my threshold. However, if there is one skill that a three year old is master of its asking the same question over and over.

We have planned some fall family fun for when he returns, he's unaware but will be more then happy to come along for the ride. Pumpkin picking is very high on our list. And I am thrilled at having help carrying the pumpkins this year.

We are also hoping to get some hiking and foliage hunting, some apple picking (I have not forgotten Linda!), and.... back to school night later this week. Which I'm sure will be another whole post as well.

Enjoy fall everyone... I am.


  1. Ah, I do miss fall in the NE....the colors change here in Oz, but not as much as they did up there. Of course, I do NOT miss the bone-chilling cold of winters up there, and heading back to the south is going to be great on THAT account, lol! But I loved fall...that sharp, crisp scent that heralds the changes in season...the frosty tinge of cold on your nose, and oh, yes...those darned apples! (seriously, if they can survive being shipped, I'll take you up on your offer, you know!)

    As for sweatpants...I don't mind so much going out in them...well, I DIDN'T...but then I married my hubby, who will NOT leave the house in sweats, nor will he leave the house in cotton shorts (unless he's going running). He rarely goes out in public in a t-shirt, either! Gotta love a man with classic style.

  2. Frost? That's so hard to picture in Mississippi. We're still wearing shorts and flip-flops. But then again, last Christmas we were wearing shorts too. It just doesn't get very cold around here. Ever.

  3. I love the fall. We're in Maine and the colors/air/everything is absolutely stunning. I hate waking up when there's frost outside...I'd rather lay in bed all day long than work:) And though Rob's out of the Army I still wear his PT shirt when it's cold...though it's a t-shirt it's thick and really warm. :)

  4. I don't go out of the house in sweats - in fact I don't own sweats. I will wear a sweatshirt, if I'm ill to run to the store for medicine or something, but no sweats.

    Our falls here in CA aren't quintessentially fall. It's a little windy and cool, but the leaves don't turn. I miss that.

  5. Yeah I'm one of the people who would just die to be where you are. Alas, I have to deal with green leaves and 80 degree weather. If it were summer, that'd be nice! I'll live through your pictures.

  6. I love fall.

    I don't love pj's in public. :)

  7. I love wearing Oliver's Navy sweats when he's gone. Although, since they just barely gave the Navy their first "official" PT uniform, I doubt they are, as he's had them since boot camp. He is 6'3" - I am 5'4". I'm sure you can imagine the picture there. (Although, when I was nine months pregnant, they worked out nicely!) So, no, I only wear them on sloppy days when I'm not going out. That's sort of my deployment uniform at home, hehe.

  8. in my mind you live close to the place we went and picked apples at when we lived in nyc.

    i don't actually remember the name of the place or even know where you live. but i imagine that it's the same town.

    and sometimes i imagine that we might actually meet you there and have apple cider together.

    ok that sounded a little stalkerish - sorry.


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