Friday, March 21, 2008

Yeah I'm a big ol' dork. Whats it to you.

I'm a big dork. I'm the first to admit it. I drive my poor husband crazy. One of my dorky habits in his opinion, is my small obsession with patriotic things. This isn't to say that supporting the troops and being proud of your country makes you a dork, its that I get excited by a new find. I saw red, white, and blue blocks that spelled out HOME once and I thought I was going to run over the little old lady blocking the aisle. Our house is tastefully done but it does drip of Americana, thankfully its an old farm house so it all blends in.

Well. Be still my heart. I found something today in Good Housekeeping. Hold on to your hats folks.
There it is. In all its glory. Just think of what you could do with that. The possibilities are numerous. I do believe I'm going to order one and I can't wait to see flyboy's reaction. Just a guess its going to involve eye rolling, a comparison to his mother, and then probably a brief discussion of why I needed a new pan when I have a whole cabinet of ones I don't use.

In case anyone out there in my posse also thinks this is the cats meow you can find the pan here. And just to clarify I am not the crazy person at the stop light in the car covered in bumper stickers, out of respect for my very introverted husband I try to keep my obsessions tastefully done.


  1. You are so awesome.

    Oh and I want to see pictures of whatever you bake!

  2. LOL! I can relate to this one. Although I'm not as fiercely patriotic as I once was before I started my life with the Navy, it still has a hold on me. Oliver is not such a fan of it, so we don't really have too much around. He'd think me an absolute looney if I bought something like this. And a magnet on the car? That would be so over the top, I think he'd start walking to work just to avoid it.

  3. I love it, I would be right proud to make several cakes and take them to the local Armory. I think I will order a couple./

  4. I have that pan! haha. I found it about a month ago at Woodbury! I can tell you the store if you want!

  5. I'm so totally buying this! I wanna make the hub a cake in it for when he gets back. I'm a bug Americana fan too, hub is always like "where are you gonna put THAT?"

  6. i meant big.... somedays I just can't spell

  7. Glad to meet another dork :)

    Cute cake pan!

  8. hey leanne! you are so not a dork! but i say dork affectinately to my favorite people, so it is a good thing.

    i am right here with you girl. ever since my Air Force service, i am super patriotic, i say it in my profile, too! i have much respect and big puffed out heart for our country, our flag, our freedoms, our soldiers, our families, and my fellow vets. i am getting goosebumps even as i write this leanne. this is how i feel. this is how you feel. i love feeling conviction and passion for this. and i will always feel this way. when i am driving, anytime i see an american flag, i salute it.

    i like you even more after reading this post. i could just hug ya tight.

    with much respect girl,
    your kathleen penny pen pal :)

    ps. and i got all tickled when i saw the pan (because of what it is, not because it involves baking, ick, hate baking and cooking, but love love love what the pan stands for). and my pick up truck has a support our troops ribbon on it and three flags on it ... very tastefully done. and on the inside, i have a couple more small flag stickers. and my license plate says GRATEFUL and it is my Air Force VET plate. we can be dorks, not dorks, passionate about our beliefs together girl. you so rock!

  9. Nice!! :)
    We don't really eat cake, otherwise I'd buy one too!!
    I love patriotic stuff too!

  10. HA! you are a good wife "trying to keep your obsessions tasteful for your introverted husband"...I try for mine but sometimes my better judgement flies out the window and I just do something over the top to get to him: wearing lots of green and dancing around singing about the glories of green

  11. After reading about "the cake pan" over at Jrzy Army Wife's place I had to come find what she was talking about. Very cool. My husband would think I was a big dork if I baked one for him, but I could see using it for a spouse meeting or something...


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